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Candice Lewis

Candice Lewis is one of those figure athletes with an incredible taper. She has great shoulders, and a waist so tiny it’s like she’s a female action hero doll. She is 5’7″ tall and lives in Denver Colorado. She grew up running track and cheerleading, so fitness and activity is nothing new to her. She […]

Brooke Ence

I recently ran across Brook Ence (aka Brooke Holladay) and was spellbound by her beauty, her body, and her personality. She’s already a big star in the Cross-Fit world, and I have no doubt she’ll continue on into more mainstream activities. She is 25 years old, 5’7″ tall, and weighs around 150 lbs. As you […]

Sasha Brown

Although we discussed her back in 2010, Sasha Brown has been on our minds again lately. This is probably because she did so well in the IFBB Tournament of Champions this year (taking fourth place). After moving to the US in 2005 to focus on her career in fitness modeling and personal training, she found […]

Jamey Peters

It’s hard to say enough or to get enough of Jamey Peters. Moving from women’s bodybuilding to women’s figure, the distinction is a tough one. Figure was really created to capture the feminine muscularity that some say women’s bodybuilder’s lack as they bulk up and become more vascular. Jamey really epitomizes the women’s figure champion […]

Jill Rudison

Jill Rudison grew up in Miami Florida. She was always athletic as a kid, playing softball, participating in gymnastics, and even dance classes. She began lifting weights as a part of a high school class. She began to get more serious about her diet and taking care of her body, which accelerated the results she […]

Carla Sizemore

Carla Sizemore really exemplifies some of the great attitudes and constructive efforts in women’s fitness. Carla is 5’4″ tall and weighs about 114 lbs. Her measurements are 34B-24-33. She grew up in Indiana, but currently lives with her son in Texas. Carla has been active and striving for fitness as far back as she can […]

Prudence Moe

With a name like Prudence Moe, we don’t have to worry about forgetting her. But just in case, there’s that amazing body and angelic face! Prudence is petite. She is 4’11” tall and weighs about 110 lbs. She lives in Las Vegas Nevada, but she was born in Burma and moved to the United States […]

Carla Jones

Carla Jones got a late start into the world of fitness competitions. Although she was a group exercise instructor for fifteen years, it wasn’t until about six years ago she started competing as a bodybuilder, then moved into fitness competitions. She was competing in a bikini contest in Florida when she was approached by a […]

Carolyn Sessa

Carolyn Sessa is a 28 year old Figure Competitor with a bodybuilding background. She hails from Long Island New York. She stands 5’3″ tall and weighs about 120 lbs. She was not terribly athletic growing up, but she had and older brother she looked up to who enjoyed lifting weights. She says her triceps are […]

Jelena Abbou

Jelena Abbou is about to turn thirty five years old. She is a fitness model and competitor who grew up in Serbia but moved to the United States when she was 20. She stands 5’6″ tall, weighs 118 lbs, and her measurements are 34-24-34. She loves doing personal training, and modeling, and she lives in […]