Fit Babes of the 2012 Olympics

In theory, athletes who compete in the Olympics are amateurs, which means they don’t get paid for their sport. But the definition gets stretched a little, when athletes who generally do get paid to play decide to take one for the team and enter the Olympics. That has little or no effect on our opinion of how hot certain female athletes are.

Sara Galimberti is a runner and beauty queen from Italy. She runs the 800 and the 1500, and loves to do modeling competitions where she struts around in evening gowns and bathing suits. more Olympics babes

Catherine Holland Pics

Back by popular request, we’re adding some more Catherine Holland pics. She is becoming more and more popular with fans of fitness babes. People occasionally email us DEMANDING more info on her, more photos, more videos.

We have:
Catherine Holland triceps, where Catherine is in the gym getting her pump on and showing off her muscular arms.
Catherine Holland dress – it’s rare that we see Catherine so dressed up and elegant. Clearly this babe looks good whether she’s wearing gym shorts or ball gowns.
Catherine Holland pool – although the photo size isn’t huge nor is the quality stunning, this is probably the best of the three pics. The way the sunlight highlights the muscles in her shoulder and upper back, shadowing her buttocks, and emphasizing her calves is amazing.

Prudence Moe

With a name like Prudence Moe, we don’t have to worry about forgetting her. But just in case, there’s that amazing body and angelic face! Prudence is petite. She is 4’11” tall and weighs about 110 lbs. She lives in Las Vegas Nevada, but she was born in Burma and moved to the United States when she was a little child. She is 28 years old.

She competed once upon a time in Figure, but I haven’t seen her post any results in many years. She took 12th place in the 2008 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championship. And she placed 4th that same year in the Junior Nationals.

One of the things she has definitely done right in her career, Prudence has managed to get hooked up numerous times with professional photographers. more Prudence Moe

Can’t Go Wrong With Jennifer Nicole Lee

First of all, we apologize for the extended absence. We were having server problems, which took awhile to resolve. Once that was fixed, turns out we managed to break the website. Well, not exactly break it, but many of the photo links are broken in hundreds of posts. That’s a real bummer for an audience who *really* comes here for the articles (ahem), but who enjoy looking at the pics too. Over the next little while, we’ll try to get those links fixed, and get everything back up and running full tilt.

Until then, we figure we can’t go wrong by wooing our readers with a little bit of Jennifer Nicole Lee. more Jennifer Nicole Lee

Joelle Smith

Joelle Smith (aka Joelle Tyler) is a stunning IFBB Women’s Physique Pro. We have an Amazing Abs category that honestly just doesn’t do this gal justice. Maybe we need to create a “phenomenal abs” category, or maybe A++ doesn’t get any better abs category, etc.

Finding biographical information on Joelle is a tough challenge. She currently lives in Mississippi. She has blonde hair and Hollywood blue eyes. She is 5’8″ tall and a muscular 140 lbs when she isn’t competing. Speaking of competing, I wasn’t able to find any recent history for her. Most of the stuff I see is several years old. Joelle’s measurements are 37D-26-36. To say that she is curvy is akin to saying rock-climbing can be strenuous. more Joelle Smith

Christina Thomas

We started out attempting to post a profile for fitness model Christina Thomas. Christina hasn’t been active in awhile, it was tough to find recent info on her, either regarding modeling or competing. But in searching, we came across photos that look like Christina, but show a drastic increase in muscularity.

As you look at the attached pics, you will see in some cases a beautiful young lady who is fit, muscular, and looks like a fitness competitor. But in other images, you will see a body type more aligned with bodybuilding – much more developed and muscular. Are they the same person? It’s hard to be sure. more Christina Thomas