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Most Popular Fitness Babes for August 2012

Let’s go ahead and recap the most popular fitness babes (at least here on FBB) for the month of August 2012: 1) Laura Trott 2) Lolo Jones 3) Dianna Dahlgren 4) Jennifer Nicole Lee 5) Catherine Holland Sometimes we blog about what we are interested in, but it could be a compelling argument to say […]

Catherine Holland Pics

Back by popular request, we’re adding some more Catherine Holland pics. She is becoming more and more popular with fans of fitness babes. People occasionally email us DEMANDING more info on her, more photos, more videos. We have: Catherine Holland triceps, where Catherine is in the gym getting her pump on and showing off her […]

Lindsey Weigand

Lindsey Weigand was born and raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana. She graduated from LSU with a degree in Psychology. She grew up active and competitive because of her brothers. She liked team sports, but preferred to go out on her own, with the win or loss pinned solely on her. She says she played soccer […]

2011 NPC Excalibur Championships

The 2011 NPC Excalibur Championships, held in Culver City California on Dec 2, was a gigantic competition. Between the men and the women, over 300 hopefuls gathered to throw down some poses for the fans and the photogs. Of particular interest was the Class A Bikini Competition, or more importantly, who ended up winning it. […]

Tanya Hyde

Tanya Hyde is a lot of things. By that, I mean it’s hard to describe her and tell you who she is and what she does succinctly. As you can see, she is a female bodybuilder and a fitness competitor. She also does quite a bit of fitness modeling, and she happens to be a […]

Nicole Nagrani

It’s hard to believe we’ve never profiled Nicole Nagrani, the youngest IFBB Bikini Pro ever. She is 19 years old, and is a full-time college student at Stetson University. She is single, but don’t hold your breath guys, as you can imagine she’s kind of a popular lady. She lives in Daytona Beach Florida. She […]

Elena Panova

Elena Panova is a professional bodybuilder from Russia. She is 31 years old, stands 5’4″ tall, and usually competes at around 136 lbs. Elena grew up in the era of some amazing female bodybuilders, looking up to the likes of Lenda Murray and Cory Everson. She graduated college with a degree in Public Relations, but […]

Jessica Ziegler

Jessica Ziegler is an amateur bodybuilder out of Buffalo New York. She is 5’8″ tall and weighs 150lbs. She started training in earnest after going to college and pretty much “retiring” from anything more active than drinking beer and partying. She hired a personal trainer and started following a very disciplined diet and workout regimen. […]

Wendy Fortino

Wendy Fortino is one of those fitness babes destined for greatness. She was a former track and field star headed for the Olympics until she suffered an injury. Actually, she was formerly a lot of things, including a gymnast and a dancer. When she began lifting weights in the gym to recover from her injury, […]

Julie Palmer

Julie Palmer is 5’5″ tall and competes at 124 lbs. She won 2nd place in the 2010 Arnold Fitness International Contest. I am pretty sure she placed 2nd at last year’s show too. Her fitness routines are phenomenal – she is very athletic. She works as both a registered nurse and a personal trainer near […]