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Candice Lewis

Candice Lewis is one of those figure athletes with an incredible taper. She has great shoulders, and a waist so tiny it’s like she’s a female action hero doll. She is 5’7″ tall and lives in Denver Colorado. She grew up running track and cheerleading, so fitness and activity is nothing new to her. She […]

Jill Rudison

Jill Rudison grew up in Miami Florida. She was always athletic as a kid, playing softball, participating in gymnastics, and even dance classes. She began lifting weights as a part of a high school class. She began to get more serious about her diet and taking care of her body, which accelerated the results she […]

Elena Panova

Elena Panova is a professional bodybuilder from Russia. She is 31 years old, stands 5’4″ tall, and usually competes at around 136 lbs. Elena grew up in the era of some amazing female bodybuilders, looking up to the likes of Lenda Murray and Cory Everson. She graduated college with a degree in Public Relations, but […]

Carla Cabau

Carla Cabau is a bodybuilder from Italy. She has been lifting weights and competing now for about fifteen years, but she has been athletic her entire life. When she was growing up in Spain, she ran the 5000m hurdles. She was also into swimming and diving competitively. She’s also practiced rock climbing and kickboxing. Many […]

Ljubov Dreskova

It was difficult to find very much in the way of accurate biographical information on this Russian fitness model and female bodybuilder. Ljubov Dreskova appears to be in her 30’s and about medium height (5’5″ or so). She has a very exotic look and based on recent photographs she still lives, trains, and competes in […]

Macey Boudreau

33 year old Macey Boudreau is an IFBB Figure Pro and a registered massage practitioner. She started out her fitness regiment going to her mom’s aerobics classes and just escalated to some serious weight lifting. Macey never seems to have a problem adding muscle mass and size, but she acknowledges she has trouble dieting. Who […]

Lorena Cozza

IFBB Figure Pro Lorena Cozza has been building muscle, kicking butt, and winning contests since she entered the competitive arena 1999. It was there she won the USA World Championships. She was most recently in the 2009 IFBB New York Pro Figure contest. She is all over the fitness industry, working as a gym manager, […]

Diana Tyuleneva Returns

Apparently we were asked to remove the photos of Diana Tyuleneva we posted several years ago. We don’t want to leave any of her fans hanging – 8 new photos after the jump. Diana specialized in the long jump and sprinting when she was growing up, which gave her a great athletic base upon which […]

Michele Bigler

Michele Bigler is a 43 year old mother of three. She was raised in Southern California. Michele says she eats lots of fish and trains like a track and field athlete. She has a BS in dental hygiene, so when she flashes those pearl whites you know they sparkle. She has tons of muscle, and […]

Erica Criscione

Erica Criscione is a bodybuilder and fitness model we recently ran across. She has a phenomenal and very unique look that helps set her apart from the crowd. Our interview with Erica: Can you provide a little background – age/height/weight/contest history? I am 31 years old. I am short LOL I stand only at 5’4″. […]