10 Most Popular Fitness Models

It could be considered a dereliction of duty for us not to cover more fitness models. We know ya’ like ’em, you bug us all the time about why a particular profile isn’t up here on FitBabesBlog, but I swear we try! So with no further ado, we present the 10 Most Popular Fitness Models. Ahem, we are allowed to readjust our opinions at any time.

1) Alicia Marie

Just because we haven’t talked about her here since 2008 doesn’t mean she hasn’t left a lasting impression on us. She has several technical degrees, is fairly tall and goddess-like, and appears on TV shows it seems like every month.
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Catherine Holland – Ft Lauderdale Cup

Catherine Holland – one of our favorite here on FitBabesBlog – recently competed in the Ft Lauderdale Cup, a figure, fitness, and bikini competition. Catherine placed 8th in the Pro Figure portion of the contest. She looked fantastic, maybe in her best shape ever, and it’s a testament to the competition that some of the others placed ahead of her. Catherine did 3 different photo shoots and several video shoots in the days leading up to the contest. For those who love the athleticism and the amazing sculpture that is a figure competitor in her best shape, I’m sure she is going to fit the bill. more Catherine

Celebrity Female Athletes

Forbes came out with the list of the top 10 highest-paid female atheltes for 2011. Most of the gals on the list have the ability combine celebrity with athletic talent, and it’s the subsequent earnings from endorsements which supplement the sports prizes. Let’s see if we can do them justice here, with a brief word or two and some photos that document their hotness…

1) Maria Sharapova

Maria Turned 24 this year, and yet she earned $24 Million to land in the top spot. She endorses Nike, Prince, Canon, and several fashion designers. She was born in Russia, and she is engaged to a professional basketball player from Slovenia. continue with Celebrity Female Athletes

Rachel Watson

Rachel Watson is a former NFL Cheerleader. She cheered for several years for the Buccaneers, and was so popular she was basically the spokesperson for the entire squad. Once she finished her degree in teaching, she left the team and basically dropped into (relative) obscurity as a 3rd grade school teacher. She sort of “came back” by hosting a video program about the behind-the-scenes action of the Bucs cheerleader tryouts. Fans rejoiced, then boom, back into obscurity.

In general, pro cheerleaders don’t make a lot of money, so volunteering their time tends to be a short-term or temporary gig. Whichever sport they cheer for, the pro cheerleaders run the entire gamut from being very experienced (think cheering for two decades), to walk-on’s who have more of a dance background than cheerleading. more Rachel Watson

Renee Larsh

Renee Larsh is a stylist, hair and makeup artist, and fitness model. She is 5’6″ tall, weighs about 120 lbs, and her measurements are 34C-24-32. She has beautiful green eyes, flawless skin, and tends to vary her hair color a bit. Renee is 25 years old, and lives near Boston Massachusetts. She has some interesting tattoos, and says she loves tattoos and wouldn’t mind getting a few more. This girl has been around, with a few exposures to her credit over the years:
2007 Spring issue of Girls of Lowrider Magazine
2008 January issue of ExtraFit Magazine
2011 September issue of Pretty in Ink Magazine more Renee Larsh

Nikki Warner Fitness Diva

We’ve profiled Nikki Warner before, but it’s time to get some fresh updates on her! She is a bodybuilder, NPC National Figure competitor, and fitness model. You can definitely consider her well-educated: Nikki has 3 college degrees. She has a PhD in Pharmacy, a BS in Dietetics, and a BA in pharmacy. She started out as a highly-ranked cross country runner. Her older brother is a professional bodybuilder. She credits her brother for getting her into the weightroom, and her father for instilling in her the discipline to be an athlete.

Nikki’s Figure competitions are numerous: more Nikki Warner

Amber Elizabeth

Amber Elizabeth seems like one of the most photographed fitness models in the industry. She’s been on the cover of Oxygen Magazine three different times. She has worked with some of the best photographers out there, including Mike Byerly, Paul Buceta, and Joe Morahan. Part of the reason she’s such a popular model is because she’s drop-dead gorgeous and always perfectly fit. Another reason is because she’s sort of controversial. She happens to be a lesbian, and occasionally does interviews with various women’s lib magazines or lesbian websites. Oh, and did I mention she plays Lingerie Football? She plays for the Los Angeles Temptation, a team that is aptly named because wow they are 100% smoking hot. more Amber Elizabeth

Cindy Landolt

Cindy Landolt (real name: Cinderella Landolt) has some of the best abs in the business. Thick, but not unfeminine, vascular, shapely. She spent eleven years training as a gymnast, which have her a very solid foundation for fitness and strength. She got started in weight training because she started squatting, just out of curiosity. She immediately saw changes in the way her legs looked, and she was hooked. Her shoulders and arms are well-developed, her legs are chiseled, it’s really hard to find a weak bodypart on this gal.

Cindy says she is a certified Nordic Walking Instructor. more Cindy Landolt

Diana Chaloux Revisited

We profiled Diana Chaloux a few years ago.

2005-2008 competition results:
NPC John Sherman Classic 2005 – First Place Figure D
NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic 2006 – First Place Figure D
Mike Kocsis FAME Northeast Classic 2007 – First Place Fitness Model Open Class
Mike Kocsis FAME Northeast Classic 2007 – Third Place Swimsuit Model
FAME North American Championships 2007 – First Place Pro Fitness Model
FAME World Championships 2008 – First Place Pro Fitness Model
WBFF World Championships 2008 – First Place Overall Figure
WBFF World Championships 2008 – Third Place Overall Diva Fitness Model
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