Michelle Lewin

Initially, Michelle Lewin used weightlifting and bodybuilding to stay in shape for modeling gigs. But she loved the look and the feeling, and got more and more into fitness modeling. She dipped her toe in the pool in a NPC bikini contest, and never looked back. She did a Playboy shoot or two a few years ago in South America, but now lives in South Florida. She is 27 years old, and 5’4″ tall.

Her physique is great for a fitness model. She is a real hardbody. Her lower body – legs and glutes – seems to be more developed than her upper body. But that tiny waist is the clincher. When she slides that smile on her face and twists those hips to flex her abs, bam she has got it locked in. You’ll notice a thrilling little splay of freckles at the bottom of her neck right at cleavage level. more Michelle Lewin