Erin Harte

Erin Harte is a figure competitor and fitness model from the Chicago Illinois area. I haven’t seen much from Erin since she won the 2007 NPC Grand Prix Natural Figure Competition in Illinois. Once upon a time, she worked for a food packaging company in the area and was working towards her pro card. As you can see, she has some well developed arms, great fitness instincts and genetics, and a cute, pretty smile.

Devin Daniel

Devin Daniel was all set to have a spectacular career in gymnastics when something happened to her that unfortunately happens to a lot of gymnasts – she got hurt. A knee injury sidelined her for several years as a teenager. She became more active when she started going to the gym and working out, and she says that has been an addiction ever since. It helps her cope with life and is almost therapeutic for her.

Devin says she’s always been pretty muscular, and considering she stays busy as a fitness model she has to be careful not to add too much muscle. She does quite a bit of cardio, and keeps it pretty light (relative to the weights she lifts) when pumping iron. She likes to train hard, and says she just doesn’t get that feeling of accomplishment if she doesn’t really sweat and grind when she’s in the gym working out.

Lisa Morton

Okay, crazy veins in her lower abs automatically qualify Lisa Morton for our Amazing Abs category. Lisa has been involved in fitness most of her life. She was a skinny teenager, and decided to take weight training in high school to try and beef up a bit. She fell in love with the sport, and ended up pursuing a degree in exercise science. Not satisfied with a single degree, she went back for a Master’s in sports management.

She grew up in North Carolina but has moved around a bit (including a stint in Las Vegas). Lisa is 30 years old, stands 5’6″ tall, and usually competes at 135 lbs. She started competing in 2003, and won her pro card at the 2006 Jr USA placing 1st. more Lisa Morton

Jaime Lynn Oliver

Jaime-Lynn Oliver is a fitness model from Kolowna British Columbia in Canada. She recently placed third in the Novis Fitness Model contest in the Fame Canadia Nationals. She is a forester, so I suppose you could call her a lumberjack. She says despite the fact that her job is incredibly physically demanding, preparing for her first contest was even more so. The blonde hair and golden tan work beautifully with Jaime-Lynn’s pearly white smile. more Jaime-Lynn Oliver

Ljubov Dreskova

It was difficult to find very much in the way of accurate biographical information on this Russian fitness model and female bodybuilder. Ljubov Dreskova appears to be in her 30’s and about medium height (5’5″ or so). She has a very exotic look and based on recent photographs she still lives, trains, and competes in Russia. Ljubov has a very symmetric upper and lower body, and seems to have contest prep down pat considering her low bodyfat and even tan. more Ljubov Dreskova

Beth Polisson

Beth Polisson is very much a fitness model extraordinaire. She has the smile, the poses, and of course the physique. This lady has some rock hard abs. Can’t catch them at a bad angle or in bad light. She started out at the tender age of 3, not as a fitness competitor but as a soccer player. She played all the way through college and sort of graduated into weight training and leading others into her fitness lifestyle through instruction and inspiration.

Beth is 28 years old. She stands 5’6″ tall and weighs about 137 lbs. more Beth Polisson

Erin Marie Garrett

Some people can apparently do it all. Erin Marie Garrett is one of those gals. She happens to be a defensive end for the Dallas Desire Lingerie Football League team. She has worked as a television broadcaster for TWC in Texas. Erin’s voice is sexy enough to land her a spot on radio stations promoting a motocross tour. She’s been in commercials for New Balance, Ironman Fitness, Muscle Milk, and others. She won two Europa NPC trophies, won the Miss Florida Fitness competition in 1999, and Miss Southern Fitness too. She is a dancer, vocalist, choreographer, whew gets me tired just trying to describe her. more Erin Marie Garrett

Julie Bourassa

Julie Bourassa is a 36 year old French Canadian bodybuilder. She is nothing to sneeze at. She stands 5’5″ and weighs 180 lbs off season when she isn’t competing. She usually competes at 160-165 lbs. She works a “day job” as a teacher of special needs students.

After reading about Julie, I really appreciate who she is and what she does. Even regular readers of this blog have different interests and preferences – some would say Julie is just too muscular. She is definitely carrying some mass and vascularity, and is a true female bodybuilder. But what I’m getting at goes deeper than that. Julie lifted weights and followed the bodybuilding lifestyle for a long time before she competed. Some people get into fitness and bodybuilding to try to make a buck or two, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some seek the fame and the applause. Some, like Julie, appear to do it because they truly love it.

The amount of work and dedication to the sport that’s evident when I see the fruits of her labor (her body) is significant. more Julie Bourassa