Laurie Noack

Laurie Noack (aka Laurie Noack Gibson) was a popular female bodybuilder in the late 1990’s. She surpassed the figure/fitness level with her physique, so I think of her more as a bodybuilder. I was not able to find a competitive history for Laurie, so if any of the readers can comment as to when/if she competed feel free to give us an update.

Hot and blonde, Laurie really knew how to turn heads. Her calves and arms are very muscular, and mark her as a serious weightlifter any time the clothes come off.

If Laurie is still doing fitness modeling these days (I think she is now 42 or 43 years old) I was not able to find a web presence. more Ms Noack

Anders Talbott

Anders Talbott is a fitness model who seems to have disappeared from the scene in the last few years. In 2004 she won several hot model competitions, and was on the cover of FHM Magazine and Super Streetbike Magazine. She hails from Nashville Tennessee. Her stats:

Height 5’7″
Weight 115 lbs
Bust 34D
Waist 23
Hips 35
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Jaime Franklin

Jaime Franklin grew up on a farm practicing a very active life. She helped out with chores on the farm, practiced competitive gymnastics, and wrestled her older brother like a fiend. In fact, even as a young girl she was so competitive she broke her arm working her brother over. She went on to drop gymnastics and concentrate on track and field in high school, successfully breaking conference records for the long jump and hurdles.

After injuring herself teaching gymnastics, she started lifting weights. Only four months after she started competing in figure contests, she won her pro card. Jaime gave up competing in 2005 to settle down and become a mom, and she currently works as a computer consultant. Of course she still trains!

Her contest history: more Jaime

Crystal King

Crystal King is a fitness model and bikini competitor from the great state of Texas. She is also an aerobics instructor and certified personal trainer. Her stats:

Height 5’7″
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bust 33B
Waist 24
Hips 34

Crystal King Pic
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Lea Damante

Lea Damante is a 26 year old from Scottsdale Arizona. I was able to find only one contest she had participated in – the San Diego Bodybuilding, Figure, and Bikini Championships in 2009 (where she placed 11th). Her career as a fitness model is still expanding, but she is fairly well known as a bikini and lingerie model.

Lea’s body is stunning, but not necessary what fitness competition judges are looking for. She is very much fit for public consumption, and I think we’ll see much more of her in the coming years on covers and in advertisements. more Ms. Damante

Dina Al-Sabah Part 2

We probably didn’t do Dina Al-Sabah justice when we devoted but a few sentences to her 3 years ago. Dina was born in 1974 in Lebanon and is fluent in four different languages. This is a byproduct of having lived in Italy, Egypt, and Morocco. She played varsity basketball and volleyball in high school, and was also captain of the track and field team. She started dabbling in weightlifting in college, and realized she had a competitive future.

Dina is unique in many ways – including the fact that she is the first Arab IFBB Figure Pro ever. She did well in both figure and fitness, but because there is so little money to be made in those sports, she turned to fitness modeling. Her exotic looks make her very popular, and she manages to balance femininity and muscularity well. Dina video

Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez is definitely one of the more popular and recognizable fitness babes out there. She has a finger in every pie. She is a certified personal trainer, aerobics instructor, teaches gymnastics, professional cheerleader, dancer, and fitness model. She is and excellent resource on nutrition and contest prep. She is a brand unto herself! Her youtube videos are pretty popular, and if I can remember I’ll embed one below.

Lyzabeth is 5’5″ tall and 123 lbs. I think she currently lives in Canada. She is Venezuelan and Israeli, so quite an exotic mixture. Lyzabeth is more sexy fully clothed than most girls are naked! Her measurements are 32D-24-37.
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Wendy Fortino

Wendy Fortino is one of those fitness babes destined for greatness. She was a former track and field star headed for the Olympics until she suffered an injury. Actually, she was formerly a lot of things, including a gymnast and a dancer. When she began lifting weights in the gym to recover from her injury, it wasn’t long before the competitive fitness bug bit her.

Wendy stands 5’1″ tall and weighs about 115 lbs. As expected from a former dancer and runner, she has great leg development but her quality upper body speaks volumes about her training, her genetics, and her abilities. She has a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a master’s in kinesiology.

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Michelle Watson

Michelle Watson is a 20-something year old who majored in kinesiology at San Jose State University. By transforming her diet from pizza and beer to chicken and broccoli, Michelle was able to lose some of the weight she had gained in college. She also found a trainer to guide her through the exercise and the nutritional aspects of fitness and figure competitions.

Success stories abound with women who change their lives through regular workouts and disciplined nutritional programs.

Michelle’s contest history: Continue reading “Michelle Watson”