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DJ Wallis

DJ Wallis is a gorgeous fitness competitor who has been around awhile.  She is pretty and has a nearly perfect body for fitness competitions.

Mavis Tozzi

Mavis Tozzi is an IFFBB Fitness Competitor. She is a legal assistant for a criminal defense firm in Florida. She was born in the Seychelles Islands. She is 5’3″ and weighs about 125lbs in the off-season.

Andrea Trent

Andrea Trent played softball and volleyball, so she was always active and athletic. She started lifting weights when she was 14. She lives in Illinois.

By Request – Another Post of Bikini Contest Babes

Okay, here’s another bevy of beautiful bikini babes…

More of the Bikini Contest

These bikini contest photos are actually pretty large.  In Imagvenue, click on the photo and it will resize to max.  Enjoy:

A Few Bikini Babes

Here are a few bikini babes for us to celebrate:

Felicia Bruno – Muscular and Proud of It

She may be 5’9″ and 140 lbs, but Felicia Bruno is all woman.  She lives in Texas and works as a personal trainer.  She won several contests each year all the way up through 2005 (including the IFBB North American Championships) then she seems to have disappeared.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee looks quite exotic.  She is 5’8″ and 110 lbs.  She lost 70 lbs to become Ms. Bikini America after the birth of her two children. 

Kim Klein

Kim Klein is a fitness model who is on the path to greatness.  She was a gymnast when she was young, but injured both of her knees.  This began her weight training, and her fitness career.  She has a degree in teaching, and she can teach us anytime!