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More Jodi Leigh Miller

Here are some more shots of Jodi Leigh Miller. She doesn’t have the fake boobs that is seems like 50% of fit chicks seem to think are mandatory. I don’t mind fake boobs, but Jodi really adds a touch of class and natural beauty to her industry.

South Carolina Fitness Model

Christina Penegar is a South Carolina fitness model who brings new definition to the term natural beauty. She is blonde with blue eyes, stands 5’9″, and weighs a very fit 125lbs. She loves cheerleading and runs her own tumbling company for kids.

Liza Larence on a Diet

Liza Larence is looking ripped these days. She has been on a diet since January, whew that is a long time to go with out sweets! Here are some photos taken recently of Liza in the gym… Previous post about Liza.

Ally Bookless

Ally Bookless is a part-time fitness competitor and a part-time firefighter and paramedic. She happens to be an IFBB professional. She has a very muscular butt! She is 34 years old, lives in Columbus Ohio, stands only 5’1″ tall, and weighs 125 lbs. *edit* I am flabbergasted, but Ally has requested we remove all photos […]

Diana Tyuleneva

Diana Tyuleneva is a Russian Fitness competitor. Her my space page: I think she is very beautiful and has a nicely balanced body…

Sarah de Herdt

I don’t know very much about Sarah de Herdt. In fact, I don’t even know what nationality she is. I think she is a sprinter and fitness babe.

Gail Sanez Please Marry Me

Gail Sanez is one of the most beautiful muscular babes out there. She has inspired legions of other women to enter the iron sport because she makes such an excellent spokeswoman. Femininity and muscularity meet in a sexy explosion! She started out in gymnastics, which clearly built a solid foundation for her weightlifting. She is […]

Nelli Tsishkevich

Nelli Tsishkevich is a Russian fitness competitor who is stunningly beautiful. This muscular babe is known for her dedication to her diet and her very strong-looking (and yet feminine) arms.  

Angela Segovia

Angela Segovia has brown hair, brown eyes, stands 5’7″, weighs about 130lbs, and currently lives in Texas. She has a 36″ bust, a 25″ waist, and 35″ hips. This girl is fit! She has a killer smile

Juliana Malacarne Leg Press

Here are a few photos of Juliana Malacarne in skimpy workout wear doing legpresses…