Misc Updates

A number of you have contacted me letting me know that image links in posts from several years ago are broken. That’s been the case for awhile, and it’s very annoying and time consuming to repair.

I spent some time updating posts, fixing images etc.

I fixed and updated the Penny Price post.

I also fixed the images in the Rachel McLish post.

All of the January 2013 posts have been repaired.

As well as:

Fitness News Update 1

Created a new Fitness News page and updated it with a few articles I found interesting. I know, I know. You are here for the babes. But if you’re like me, you like just about anything associated with fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, and fit babes. Did I mentions chicks in sports bras, personal trainers with curly blonde hair and awesome smelling perfume? Don’t want to leave a certain person out!