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2010 Houston Pro Figure

Better late than never. Results of the 2010 Houston Pro Figure: 1. Courtney West 2. Teresa Anthony 3. Monica Specking 4. Katina Maistrellis 5. Kimberly Shepperd

2010 Year in Review

Well as we close out 2010, there’s no point in trying to be unique – we’ll do like everybody else and try to take a look back at this past year. And maybe a peek into the future too. The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2010: #1 – FBB Fitness Model Jessica #2 – […]

Fitness News Update 1

Created a new Fitness News page and updated it with a few articles I found interesting. I know, I know. You are here for the babes. But if you’re like me, you like just about anything associated with fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, and fit babes. Did I mentions chicks in sports bras, personal trainers with curly […]