Andreia Brazier

Looking at Andreia Brazier today, I think it’s safe to assume she’s always been a pretty gal. She says that she’s always been fit, but her journey to a muscular, fitness model physique took quite awhile. She spent almost ten years in the gym lifting weights and training before she started a real training split and started paying serious attention to her nutrition. That combination proved to be the key, and she began transforming her body.

Andreia does follow a carb cycle diet, where she eats several days of low carbs followed by a refeed day of high carbs. This type of cycle tends to keep the body aligned with burning carbs and fat, hopefully sparing protein and muscle as it leans up.

As you can see, Andreia’s legs are great, with some serious quads. She says squats play a huge role in her lower body training and development. She is thirty-four years old. She stands 5’5″ tall and weighs about 117 lbs. She and her husband run a body conditioning company, so they spend all of their time in and around the fitness industry. more Andreia Brazier

Emily Carey

Emily Carey is an NPC Bikini Competitor. She 5’6″ tall and weighs about 120 lbs. Like many of the ladies we find ourselves profiling here at FBB, she has always been athletic and led an active life. She grew up with gymnastics, dance, soccer, and swimming. She played soccer for a decade, all the way through her college years. When she attended a NPC show one of her friends had entered, Emily was captivated by the muscular and fit ladies she saw on stage. She says she didn’t thing she would ever have enough muscle mass to compete in figure, but decided she would try the bikini division.

She says she has particular interest in nutrition. It shows, as she always seems to be spot-on regarding her lean physique. She occasionally lifts heavy, and also tends to include plyometrics in her workouts. Emily’s blonde locks and stunning good looks may give her an advantage on the stage, but it’s clear she trains hard and approaches her diet with discipline and intelligence.

HIIT plays a role in her shape. She says she prefers High Intensity Interval Training more Emily Carey