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Amy Lynn

Amy Lynn was a big bikini and fitness model back in the 1990’s. She was in a movie with Corey Feldman in 1996 called South Beach Academy.

Amy Fadhli

Amy Fahdli was born in Galveston Texas. She won the Fitness America pageant in 1996 and operated her own paysite for a number of years. She was also a model for Frederick’s of Hollywood for awhile!

Angela Terlesky

Mercedes Khani

Mercedes Khani won the Southern California Hawaiian Tropic Pageant in 2004. She is from Amsterdam and spends part of her time in Miami Florida.

Rhonda Riley

Rhonda Riley is a small 5’5″ and a trim 132 lbs. She was born in 1981 and currently lives in California with her husband.

Marisa Matthews

Marisa Matthews is a hot blonde who is into modelling more than she is into fitness. But one look at those quads, that perky butt, and those abs and we all know she’s been putting some time in working out and staying fit.

Zhanna Rotar

With a name like Zhanna Rotar, she is destined for infamy! Zhanna was born in 1980 in the Ukraine. She immigrated to the United States at 16. Welcome Zhanna, we celebrate your hotness!

Arina Manta

Arina Manta is an Australian fitness competitor. You know a chick is in shape when you can see veins in her lower abdomen. It’s not that I find the veins sexy, but I really do like fit babes.

Abby Marie

Abby Marie is a blonde fitness model who gets my vote for the best abs of 2008… so far!