Yuan Herong

It’s pretty rare that I cover a Chinese fitness model or bodybuilder. It doesn’t seem like it is a wildly popular pastime in China, and I supposed I’m just not exposed to much of the mainland China culture. But today we have an exception!

Yuan Herong works as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. She is thirty years old, and was recently married. Although she dreamed of being a Kung Fu fighter when she was a kid, her parents, who are in the medical industry, forced her to follow medicine as a career. Darn parents!

Yuan has a tiny waist, and surprisingly broad shoulders. her quads are well-developed, and as you can see her abs are no joke.

She has competed at various times, and in fact I read some news stories that she was dieting for a bodybuilding competition when the Covid-19 virus took root in China. But I am not able to find any competition history to list for her.

Yuan has 400k followers on her Instagram account

Asian Fitness Models

Asian fitness models seem to be a rather hot topic in the industry these days. Although we were “smart” enough to devote our own category awhile back, we really haven’t discussed what’s going on with this trend. Well it’s time to tackle the topic.

There are a couple of reasons why publishers would specify Asian models for a production. Some efforts simply require a specific ethnicity. So if you are producing a commercial for a toothpaste branded in Spanish and offered mainly only to markets in Mexico, you would most likely hire a Hispanic model. Same thing for Asian-market items.

In other cases, the publisher is simply catering to the public’s desires. More specifically more on Asian fitness models

Sherlyn Roy

Sherlyn Roy is a pro fitness and figure competitor who used to be a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49’ers. She was raised in Sunnyvale in Northern California but now lives in Los Angeles. She is trained in ballet, tap, jaz, hip hop, etc. Sherlyn is a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. She looks exotic and Asian, but must have some mix of ethnicity. She is 5’4″ tall and weighs about 100 lbs..

2010 IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding & Bikini Championships
2010 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure & Bikini
2010 IFBB Europa Show of Champions
2010 IFBB MuscleContest Pro Bikini
2010 IFBB Arnold Classic, Ms. International, Fitness International & Figure International
2009 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure
2009 IFBB Sacramento
2009 IFBB Olympia
2009 IFBB New York Pro Figure
2009 IFBB Atlantic City Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
2009 IFBB Houston Pro Figure
2009 IFBB California State Pro Figure Championships
2009 IFBB Arnold Classic
2008 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure National Championships
2008 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure National Championships
2004 NPC California State Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships
8th more Sherlyn Roy

Valerie Ross

Valerie Ross (formerly known as Valerie White) is an Asian fitness model who seems to have a finger in every pie. It’s hard for me to use that saying since 10 or 15 years ago when American Pie came out. The name of the movie, and the scene with the waaaarm apple pie has sort of changed us forever. But I digress. Valerie’s full-time job is working as a medical sales rep in Edmonton in Canada. As you can tell, she spends more than a little time honing her physique, and she knows a thing or two about building muscle and burning fat. When she gets the urge or the opportunity, she does fitness modeling. And she also plays a lot of poker and writes articles for various websites talking about how to go about developing either a) your physique, or b) your poker talent. more Valerie Ross

Grace De La Rosa

Grace De La Rosa is a 43 year old Asian Fitness Model who has been in the game awhile. She’s been in Hardbody, Lowrider, and Playboy. She’s always active – running, lifting weights, you name it. Grace was diagnosed with cancer back in 2005 and it was pretty serious for awhile. Shoot, what kind of cancer isn’t serious? She is still entering Figure competitions, but had a recent spate of health problems that are hindering her training. Hang in there Grace!

Monique Minton

Although it’s been awhile since Monique Minton has graced our pages, she has never entirely left our mind. Wowdang, this gal knows how to turn the heat up on the HOT meter. She was recently in both Flex and Muscle and Fitness. She has been rocking her fans as a new IFBB Bikini Pro. She actually placed 1st in the 2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championships.

Monique Minton Pic 1Monique Minton Pic 2Monique Minton Pic 3Monique Minton Pic 4

Nicole Rollolazo

Nicole Rollolazo started out in dance at the age of four but quickly graduated to gymnastics. She was very competitive in that arena, but also ran track and field and was a diver. She won her pro card after winning the Los Angeles Fitness Championships and the USA Nationals in 2002. She is now a personal trainer

Nicole Rollolazo Pic 1Nicole Rollolazo Pic 2Nicole Rollolazo Pic 3Nicole Rollolazo Pic 4