Annik Nayler

Annik Nayler lives in Canada and has a mixed heritage of part French and part Mohawk Indian. Annik is 27 years old and is a part-time bartender in Fort McMurray. She has a purple belt in Karate and won her division back in 1994 at the Canadian National Karate Championships. She has also worked as a firefighter and a safety officer. She began competing in figure and fitness contests in 2000 and eventually ended up catching the eye of many talented photographers. She’s been on a number of magazine covers and continues to stun fans with her beauty. Annik is a bit rough and tumble, not a dainty beauty queen. She very much epitomizes exactly what is right about the female fitness model industry right now.

FBB Fitness Model – Nicole

Well it is immensely disappointing to see such a hot babe in such a terrible jersey. Who the heck could pull for the Minnesota Vikings? I guess this is forgivable, maybe Nicole has a long-lost Uncle who played for the Vikings 27 years ago. Or maybe on the way to the photoshoot a waitress spilled something on her *real* jersey, and she had to go to the backup which is normally used to dust the dash on her car? But the Culpepper thing is just intolerable. Talk about a disappointment. I don’t know anything about his salary, but Culpepper has to be the most overpaid NFL player ever. He only completed about 2 games in his whole career before he was sidelined with injuries and recovery from surgery. And let’s use the term “completed” loosely, since he was mainly known for dropping the ball and throwing interceptions. more Nicole

Joy Finnegan

Sultry Joy Finnegan – hot and steamy like a summer night in August. This is how I would describe her. She has some exotic heritage, perhaps some Latino considering she hails from Houston Texas. She is 27 years old and stands 5’9″ tall at 130 lbs. That’s 130 ripped pounds if you didn’t notice. This gal has curves in the right places, but her legs, abs, and arms are rock hard. She has nary a ribble in those obliques, and her quads more Joy Finnegan

Trina Gillis

Trina Gillis is a female bodybuilder and fitness model who is 33 years old. She currently lives in the Cayman Islands and loves to scuba dive, kite board, windsurf, etc. She says she was always a big tomboy growing up with her twin sister, and loved all kinds of outdoor activities. She has been leaning more towards fitness or figure competitions lately, but she clearly has a physique with larger, broader muscles. She has spent years in the gym training hard, and the results are clearly seen.

I’ve seen a number of photos of Trina looking muscular but not particularly ripped. But I have also seen some where she has veins showing in her lower abs, more Trina Gillis

Cutest Cheerleader Babes

We’re just trying to mix it up a bit, as well as celebrate the joys of the NFL and Thanksgiving season. Fit cheerleaders aren’t exactly a new topic around here, but based on your requests (demands?) we don’t post enough of them to keep everybody happy. So salute these cuties who do their best to entertain us whether the ball’s in the air or we’re waiting for a commercial break to be over. cute cheerleaders

Hot Football Babes

Since we have some international readers, I suppose I should clarify that we’re talking about *american* football. Why they call American football “football” when you actually play it mainly with your hands is beyond me. But I digress – you are here to see the babes. Try these ladies on for size. Everybody loves football, and as you can see when you pick up a ball it’s bound to put a smile on your face! hot football babes

Brooke Mora

Brooke Mora was featured as a fitness model inside Muscle & Fitness Magazine. She lives in California and and is in the film industry as a director. She was a cheerleader and played softball growing up. She continued to be athletic and has even competed in triathlons. Compete is the key word here, Brooke considers herself very competitive, which is one of the reasons she was enticed into the IFBB Pro Bikini competitions. more Brooke Mora

Patricia Dore

Update: 6/23/11 We’ve removed the photos of Patricia at her request.

Update: 1/19/12 Patricia contacted us and asked that every scrap of information be removed. Although that seems pretty extreme, we generally work with any public figure who has decided to seek a larger amount of privacy. Sorry folks, but we’ve removed the biographical information from the post.

Carla Cabau

Carla Cabau is a bodybuilder from Italy. She has been lifting weights and competing now for about fifteen years, but she has been athletic her entire life. When she was growing up in Spain, she ran the 5000m hurdles. She was also into swimming and diving competitively. She’s also practiced rock climbing and kickboxing.

Many of the European female bodybuilders have a very different form or aesthetic as compared to those in North America. It’s not really fair to say they are bigger more Carla Cabau

Veronique Morin

Veronique Morin is an incredibly gorgeous WBFF Bikini Compeititor who happens to be a mom of two. She started her fitness lifestyle early, skating and skiing in Canada. Since then, you name it and she’s done it – including softball, water polo, karate, snowboarding. She started lifting weights when she was 17 years old and has been a regular in the gym ever since. Some stats:
Hair *very* red
Chest 34DD
Waist 26.5″
Hips 36.5″
Height 5’8″
Weight 135lbs (competition)
Eyes Blue more Veronique