Aleksandra Kobielak

Aleksandra Kobielak is a blonde fitness guru from Russia. According to her webiste, she is 160cm tall, weighs 59kg, was born in 1971, has green eyes and blonde hair, and she is single. Her chest is 90cm, her waist is 59cm, her hips 86cm, her thighs 56cm, and her biceps 35cm. She is known for wrestling her female competitors on stage!

Jennifer Elrod

is a beautiful brunette who is a member of the fitness babes club for sure. She stands 5’9″ tall and weighs about 130 lbs. She is a very curvy 36D – 25 – 36. She is sort of getting up there in age, but wow what a fox. Older women can obviously still stay in great shape and remain very attractive. She has been a model in the fitness industry for awhile, and has even owned some gyms in the Southern California area.