Not Just Whistling Dixie Reynolds

Well it’s been over a year since our last post on Dixie Reynolds, which in my opinion is a terrible travesty. If there was some type of inexplicable, tiny morsel of doubt in your mind about how beautiful fitness models and figure competitors could be, I think Dixie should be able to completely wipe it out. Dixie is from Florida, and started competing in 2006. She has trained with some of the best in the industry, and it didn’t take her long to earn her pro card.

Her website must be relatively new, a counter on her homepage shows only 4k visits. Either that or, Dixie I hate to tell you but your webpage is broken cause you are too hot to be so rarely visited. Her legs suggest many, many painful hours of weights and cardio. Behold women everywhere, Dixie is the mark to shoot for.

Dixie Reynolds Pic 1Dixie Reynolds Pic 2Dixie Reynolds Pic 3

Tiffanie Hart

Hailing from New Orleans Louisiana, this 5’5″ tall hunny sports blonde hair and radiant green eyes. Measuring 34D-24-35, she is a woman after my own heart when she says she enjoys fishing and cars. Dang, sounds like my brother, only a whole lot better looking! She claims her favorite food is a margarita, which means she is the girl you want to go to a party with.

Tiffanie is an energetic gal who makes a living off her beautiful face and her fit body.

Tiffanie Hart Pic 1Tiffanie Hart Pic 2Tiffanie Hart Pic 3Tiffanie Hart Pic 4

Monique Minton Ab Queen

Let’s go ahead an nominate a new Ab Queen – Ms. Monique Minton. Monique has a unique ancestry of half Polish and half Filipina. Although she lives in Texes, she is originally from Florida (a good ol southern gal!). She placed 1st in the D class of the John Sherman Classic this year.

Monique Minton Pic 1Monique Minton Pic 2Monique Minton Pic 4Monique Minton Pic 5

Casey Tuttle

Casey Tuttle may very well take the world by storm. She of stunning beauty and rock hard body is 5’7″ tall and lives in Missoula while working as a model and personal trainer. She was married a bit over a year ago, and both she and her husband are into the fitness lifestyle.

Casey Tuttle Pic 1Casey Tuttle Pic 2Casey Tuttle Pic 3Casey Tuttle Pic 4

Jennifer Nicole Lee Inspires

It’s been awhile since our last look at Jennifer Nicole Lee, so I thought we’d take a refresher. She has turned her website into quite a fitness center, and her “shop” includes all kinds of goodies like audio downloads and posters. She is a very active business woman who celebrates her motherhood and her fabulously fit body. If all moms looked like Jennifer, we’d have plenty of hot babes to look at!

Jennifer Nicole Lee Pic 1Jennifer Nicole Lee Pic 2Jennifer Nicole Lee Pic 3

Katka Kyptova

Katka Kyptova is a fitness competitor from the Czech Republic. She was born in 1983, and stands 5’5″ at 139 lbs. Like many fitness babes, she works as a personal trainer, and she is also a competitive lifter (bench press). She is multilingual, and speaks German, English, and French. I’m not sure if Katka was born with her freckles or if they are a result of excessive sun exposure, but either way I think they make her look cute!

She has thick, blocky abs that make my head spin with delight.

Katka Kyptova Pic 1Katka Kyptova Pic 2Katka Kyptova Pic 3