Nicole Warburg

Nicole Warburg was born in 1984, so she is still a youngster. Considering the six-pack abs she carries around and the peak on those biceps, she has a head start on many of her competitors. She packs a lot of sinew on that small frame. She is about 5’2″ tall and weighs around 120 lbs. She hails from South Africa and has been competing since 2007 when she won the Ms Fitness South Africa title. I would love to hear her accent!

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Cassandra Hope

Cassandra Hope is a fitness model from Toronto. Although she does compete, I think it’s mainly just to get exposure for her modelling career. The compromises she might have to make in order to consistently place near the top of her class in competitions might in some cases her her popularity as a model. I’m not trying to make excuses for her, or trying to say muscular women aren’t sexy. It’s just that dropping more bodyfat or adding more muscle might move her further away from the mainstream.

Cassandra is 5’4″ tall and about 125 lbs. She has beautiful tan/olive skin, and always seems to be “made up” with great hair and pearly white teeth. It’s understandable she is a model, her face and her body are really stunningly beautiful.

Cassandra Hope Pic 1Cassandra Hope Pic 2Cassandra Hope Pic 3