Liza Larence

is a hot chick that pushes out of the realm of fitness babe and into the realm of muscular babe.  She has some amazingly ripped abs.  I find her very attractive!

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  1. […] Liza Larence is looking ripped these days. She has been on a diet since January, whew that is a long time to go with out sweets! Here are some photos taken recently of Liza in the gym… Previous post about Liza. […]

  2. please remove the single partial-nude pic from this blog…I am married now and dont want stepchildren to see…I am NOT retiring from competition, but want to try and delete old nude shots from 2005
    thanks SO much!

  3. No problem Liza. Hope things are going well for your family and your career. We love you!
    Best wishes…

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