Penny Price – Fit Babe Extraordinaire

Penny Price was a popular fitness model and bodybuilder back in the 90’s (or was it 80’s).  She did a number of posters, some of which are shown below.  She was a bodybuilder before women’s fitness competitions became popular.  She seems to have disappeared from public view since those days.

Below I’ve posted a interview with Penny that was conducted by a magazine back in mid-2018. It’s good to see that Penny is still in the fitness industry and is working with clients on fitness and nutrition goals.

Interview with Penny Price McIntosh

First of all Penny, how old were you when you began to exercise with weights?

Nineteen years old

Who encouraged you try competitive bodybuilding or what compelled you?

I was brought into a gym by my boyfriend and he taught me a few moves to keep me busy. The gym owner saw a bicep appear and thought that I should compete in the “Ms Springfield” in 1980, a show he was hosting. I was scared out of my mind! I am a true introvert and standing on a stage in a bikini was the last thing I thought I could ever do. I kept winning despite my fear, and decided this may be something I could be good at.

How many bodybuilding competitions and Olympias have you competed in?

I don’t really remember exactly. Around 15 competitions. I was in 2 Ms. Olympia’s (Radio City Music Hall in new York City!), and the first Ms Olympia fitness in ’96…that was my last show.

What do you think of the current direction of Women’s Bodybuilding?

I rarely look at the magazines anymore but when I do it is shocking. I can appreciate the mass and quality of the female bodybuilder, but it isn’t natural. It is amusing to see how far they have gone but I personally feel sorry for them. The women get caught up in the drugs and the pressure to get bigger and more ripped, but they apparently have lost perspective of what the world view is of feminine. Maybe they just don’t care what anyone else thinks. That’s fine. It is their body.

What do you consider to be the take home lesson (s), if any from your journey in competitive bodybuilding?

Do things that scare you. That is how you grow. Take chances, step out of your comfort zone. Take risks and follow through.

Who inspires you most?

Not one person in particular…but stories of humans that have a vision and are not deterred by obstacles what everyone thinks. The brave people that fight for their own truth.

Who has had the most significant influence on your life and/or your perspectives about life?

Authors Leo Buscaglia, Ayn Rand, Brian Weiss, plus my big sister and my husband.

I once read in an article that you had been a victim of sexual abuse/molestation, can you tell me more about this and how it has impacted your past and present choices?

Wow. Well, I was a victim. Of not just one, and not just males. I must have had “easy target” on my forehead. I am not sure how to answer this. I don’t like to blame my mistakes on anyone but myself so I have a hard time knowing if my past bad choices were just being vulnerable and young or if they were a result of being manipulated by molesters. That being said, I would like to think I would have made better choices and been smarter about who I chose to have relationships with if the abuse hadn’t happened. Presently I am paying it forward…in a positive way. I have four children and I know that they know what to do if they are approached by a molester…they know to say “no”. I know the chances of it happening to my children are slim. I also do everything I can to help abused children. I support Children’s Home Society and also The Children’s Advocacy Center.

How did you find freedom from the past pain of the experience?

I read lots of books. I wrote down the experience and shared it with my family. I analyzed my reactions/feelings and thought deeply about the source of some of my negative emotions. Knowing where feelings originate is the first step to healing.

If you could give a piece of advice to someone who feels imprisoned by their past what would it be?

Let it go. Don’t let it define your life. Fight for your freedom from the monster…don’t let it win. Keep searching for the beautiful person you are and don’t let a bad experience make you feel ugly…fight for your life.

Could you give me your thoughts about exercise and it’s connection to mental health ( form a professional and/or personal perspective)?

Personally, I am a different person after I exercise. I have never, in 30+ years, left an exercise session in a worse mood than what I walked in with. It is a drug. There is no doubt that the “drug” is why so many people get attached to their trainers. They associate them with the endorphin rush they get after exercise. I have noticed the more intense the workout is, the better I feel. One of my favorite books on this subject is Spark.

You are married with children! Can you tell me those sweet details?

I am smiling now. As mothers know, there is no beginning or end when it comes to kids. They are such a part of who I am. I learn more about myself from them than they do from me. I have noticed people who don’t have kids are a little less patient, a little less understanding, and a lot more self centered. My husband is my rock. He is a Real Estate Developer and Commercial Broker and really HOT! Lol-He is 10 years younger than me and we have been together for 18 years! I feel very fortunate to have him in my life.

Penny’s wonderful family includes: Husband Harry, Dakota 20, Lady 14, Dylan Rose 12, Harry III 10.

Where did you grow up and where do you currently make your home?

I grew up in Northeast Missouri and now live in Maryville, TN

Can you share any tips for balancing fitness, career and family?

Take your aggressions out in the gym, really listen to your kids, use lots of sticky notes…I have found them to be useful in keeping my eye on the target.

How do you stay motivated to exercise on a daily basis?

I know it makes me feel better when it is over. If I don’t feel like doing my hike/bike/workout then I just lie to myself, “I will just take it real easy today”. 98% of the time I end up hitting it really hard once I am warmed up.

Your favorite ways to stay fit these days?

Interval cardio, hiking, weight training.

What’s the biggest difference you notice as you try to stay in shape at 50 as compared to 20 or 30?

I have to watch my thoughts. I remember when I was 25 I told myself to remember how sore and achy exercise made me and to never blame those aches on getting “Old”, to really watch my thoughts about aging. Too many people blame aging for the negative physical attributes when it is really just an excuse to not exercise and eat right. In reality, if they exercised and ate right they wouldn’t feel old! I have lost some softness/fullness. I still workout as hard as I ever did but my skin is thinner and less elastic. I really notice what I eat affects my appearance, and how I feel, more than ever before. My face can age 10 years if I eat sodium and junk food. It is amazing the impact nutrition has on your skin.

Your best motivating pitch for the sedentary person/couch potato?

It is simple but it may not always be easy. It is not an all or none thing…Just do your best %80 of the time and you can cheat %20 percent of the time. Two things that are easy that will be all you ever need to do is:

1) Nutritionally, count your carbs (keep them under 100grams/day)
2) Physically, find one thing you enjoy and do it most days (walking, biking, weight training…) if you enjoy it you will do it.
Of course there is a lot more to it, but if this is all you can drag yourself to do you will lose weight and get healthier.

If you had to pick one word to describe who you are, what would it be?


Do you have a spiritual belief?

I consider myself an extremely spiritual person. But “religion” is purely “speculation”. Religion is like sports. There are hundreds of types with different rules, stories, and expectations. But when you strip all the varieties down to the core they have a few common threads. With religion I like to believe in the common threads. Love, Charity, Forgiveness, Peace etc. To say your religion is the only way, is not very spiritual. One thing I do firmly believe is that when you die you will know the truth. There are certain things we simply will not understand until we die. That is why I don’t fear death. We are here to learn and to be the best that we can be.

What is next for Penny Price?

I had a big year last year…this one will be enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Where can we find you?, facebook, twitter.

Thanks for thinking of me and expending your energy on this interview!

Thank you Penny for taking time out of schedule to answer my questions and thanks for continuing to be one very Inspiring Woman!

Update 2:
Here’s an old-school photo of Penny doing preacher bench curls…

Penny spreading her perfect legs on a Ferrari…

Penny getting a little risque with her nipples back in the 80’s or 90’s…