Rachel Cammon

Fitness chicks that have abs so ripped they are veiny are rare. Veiny sounds maybe a little extreme with a touch of gross thrown in, so let’s change that to vascular. Rachel Cammon is one fine example. I can imagine this requires a lot of discipline, a strict diet, and tons of cardio. Emphasis on “imagine”, cause my abs ain’t ripped and I ain’t a chick. Rachel is a pharmaceutical sales rep, but her passion is IFBB Pro figure competitions. She is 27 and lives in Denver. Seriously, this is a direct quote from Rachel “I can’t cook worth a damn, and really don’t mind eating canned tuna straight from teh dangerously jagged-edged tin.” That’s my kind of woman… brave, willing to take risks, not afraid to eat standing up, and a great sense of humor. Also, she’s smoking hot. Not sure if she’s married, but I’ll wait him out. After he kicks the bucket, I’ll swoop in and BAM! turn on my irresistable charm and suck my gut in and ask her if she wants to go on a jogging date.

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