Brittney Calhoun

She may not have her own website yet, but myspace just ain’t big enough for Brittney Calhoun. So look for a new .com soon. She is 25 and lives in Walnut Creek CA. She won the Figure Class B last year in the NPC show in Sacramento. She is also known for making 10-20 mile hikes in the treacherous mountains of Yosemite. With legs like that, she could probably walk to the moon and back. Actually, I’d probably let her walk on the hood of my car as long as I was sitting in it so I could watch.

Brittney Calhoun Pic 1Brittney Calhoun Pic 2Brittney Calhoun Pic 3Brittney Calhoun Pic 4

I wish I knew more biographical info about Brittney I could share with you. She looks very pretty and very fit in her photos. Seems like she will have as much success modeling as she will competing.