Candice Keene

Depending on when you catch her, Candice Keene may not look terribly athletic. That’s not to say she isn’t constantly as hot as a lit firecracker, I’m just saying she doesn’t always sport a muscular or shredded look. Mighty-fine blue eyes, 5’5″ tall, 120 lbs, 34-25-34. She lives in Orlando Florida. Tempting to buy a plane ticket down there to try and find her and give her some roses, but I’ll try to compose myself.

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Candice Keene won 5th place in the IFFBB Pro category for the 2015 Mr Olympia contest!

Brittney Calhoun

She may not have her own website yet, but myspace just ain’t big enough for Brittney Calhoun. So look for a new .com soon. She is 25 and lives in Walnut Creek CA. She won the Figure Class B last year in the NPC show in Sacramento. She is also known for making 10-20 mile hikes in the treacherous mountains of Yosemite. With legs like that, she could probably walk to the moon and back. Actually, I’d probably let her walk on the hood of my car as long as I was sitting in it so I could watch.

Brittney Calhoun Pic 1Brittney Calhoun Pic 2Brittney Calhoun Pic 3Brittney Calhoun Pic 4
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Yenny Polanco

Yenny Polanco has done a lot of living in her 31 years. She is now a national level fitness and figure competitor, but was previously a golden gloves boxing champion, owner of a hair salon, a cosmetologist, and a blimp pilot. Okay, I lied about the blimp thing.

Yenny has been in 35 competitions since 2005, and has even judged a few. I don’t know how she manages to keep her busy life organized.

Yenny Polanco Pic 1Yenny Polanco Pic 2Yenny Polanco Pic 3Yenny Polanco Pic 4

Michelle Berger

Michelle Berger (aka Buff Mother) is a mom of four. After having her kids, Michelle found herself pudgy and unhappy. She cleaned her diet up, began exercising like a madwoman, and now look at her – whoa! It’s interesting listening to her describe the various methods she tried to control her bodyweight and looks. She is 29, measures 34D-24-34, weighs 123lbs at 5’7″ tall.

Michelle Berger PicMichelle Berger Pic 2Michelle Berger Pic 3Michelle Berger Pic 4

Jackie Roberts

I know I have claimed undying love for numerable fit ladies in the past. But I’m serious this time. No more playing around. Jackie Roberts has blue eyes and dark hair. Which is sort of my favorite. And so I am proposing marriage. I have emailed her my proposal, we’ll have to sit tight and see if she accepts. In the meantime, let’s talk about her. She was the cover girl for this month’s Oxygen Magazine. She lives in Okinawa Japan. The USAF is what took her there (along with her husband). I’m not sure yet what to do about her husband, but I want to go on record as saying I don’t mind if he doesn’t. She says her legs are a little too small. I say she is wakked out. She was raised with 7 brothers and sisters, which means when I give her the bathroom all to herself she will really appreciate it. Anyway, on to the important pics.

Jackie Roberts Pic 1Jackie Roberts Pic 2Jackie Roberts Pic 3Jackie Roberts Pic 4

Kyli Marie

Kyli Marie is from London. She works full time as a caretaker for disabled children. She burns off her stress in the gym (obviously). She is 28 years old, 5’6″ tall, and measures 29/26/35. Kyli has been known to show off that fit, luscious body nude, but hey we are nearly family-oriented and we won’t show those pics here 🙂

Kyli Marie Pic 1
Kyli Marie Pic 2
Kyli Marie Pic 3
Kyli Marie Pic 4

Her real name may be Carly Thornton. Here’s a video:

Laly Saxenian

Laly Saxenian is an NPC Figure Competitor who is from Bellaire Texas. She is 33 years old. She placed 5th in the 2008 NPC Texas State Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Contest. Laly is pretty muscular for a figure gal. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that! She claims her favorite show is Desperate Housewives, she likes shopping, and (surprisingly) driving.

Laly Saxenian Pic 1Laly Saxenian Pic 2Laly Saxenian Pic 3Laly Saxenian Pic 4Laly Saxenian Pic 5

Mia Lawrence

31 years old and hailing from Fort Lauderdale Florida, Mia Lawrence is a fitness model who broke out of the legal profession to pursue something more exciting and fulfilling. She is 5’6″ and 127 lbs. If there is one thing Mia knows, it’s cheerleading. In 1995 she was a UCA All Star Cheerleader, in 2005 she was in the documentary Making the Squad, and in 2008 she was an NFL cheerleader.

Mia Lawrence Pic 1

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Mia Lawrence Pic 4

Erin Stern

Erin Stern is a 28 year old bodybuilder who is fairly new to the IFBB. She earned her pro card in 2008, and earned the overall title at the National Bodybuilding and Figure Championships. She looks more like a model than a weightlifter. She’s a very pretty gal with great proportion and great skin. She is 5’8″ tall and 136 lbs. She can bench press 193 lbs, deadlift 230 lbs, and squat an impressive 230 lbs. I think she could whip my butt! Erin was an athlete in college, and has a great foundation for fitness.

Erin Stern Pic 1Erin Stern Pic 2Erin Stern Pic 3Erin Stern Pic 4