Marina Brass

1/7/17 Update:

Marina Brass fitnessI thought I should update this post, which was originally made back in 2009. In the eight years that have transpired since I first called your attention to Marina, social media has grown much bigger. So I have deleted the link to her myspace page (some of you are probably asking “What the hell is myspace?” lol), and above I posted a link to her instagram account. She currently has 237k followers, so I guess you could say she’s fairly popular!

Also, here’s a link to her website

I’ve sent an email to her agent inquiring about an interview for FBB. You’ll be the first to know if we conduct one 🙂
Marina Brass interview

Marina Brass is a fitness and glamour model who lives and travels around Europe. She is an IFBB champion, and was a qualifier for the World Fitness Championships. She is or was under contract for the Ironman Bodyfitness Gym in LA.

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Our Marina Brass interview