Ava Cowan

Ava Cowan is one of the hardest working and busiest fitness ladies out there. Her 2009 schedule was dizzying – a few excerpts:

Olympian’s News Italy Cover December 2009
REPS Feature Spring 2010
Muscular Development Layout November and December 2009
Gaspari’s Myofusion Ad/Muscle & Fitness Hers Back Cover December 2009
Planet Muscle Featured Leg Article December 2009
Planet Muscle Featured on Cover+Article September/ October 2009
Status Fitness Magazine Cover May/ June 2009
Planet Muscle May/June 2009
Planet Muscle Featured on Cover and Feature March/April 2009
Olympian’s News Magazine Cover January 2009
Planet Muscle January 2009

Ava was the 2009 Figure Universe Overall Champion. I have seen marked improvements in her physique every single year. I think she first got into modelling in 2005, and has been in high demand ever since. She is also a certified personal trainer.

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