FBB Fitness Model – Jen

Here is an introduction to Jen, our newest Fitness Model here at FBB. You may be seeing more of her in an Ironman Triathlon one day. Or would that be Ironwoman? Either way, this girl trains hard and it shows. Click through to the interview to find out more about her.

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Tell us about yourself – the basics. Age, height, weight. Where’d you grow up? Brothers, sisters, married, single?

Height: 5’8
Weight: 125lb
Born in toronto, canada..raised in texas…lived in SC for 7 years
1 brother—> 20 in august

Athletic history – how did you get into your current fitness lifestyle? Were you athletic or active growing up? What organized or individual sports have you played? What are your favorite sports?

I have always been an active person. I played sports as a child and danced all through high school and college. I’ve been working out at the gym since I was 13. I like several sports: basketball, skating, running, swimming, biking, dancing, soccer, football.

Describe your current fitness routine. What kind of activities, exercise, frequency, intensity? What’s your diet like? Do you take any vitamins or supplements? Does this vary day by day, week by week, seasonally?

-weight training, swimming, biking, spinning, running, kickboxing/turbo kick (high intensity)
– i train every day….a “light day” may include ONLY a 3 mile run (typically once a week)….a more heavy training day would be a long run like 12 miles or a short/several workouts such as 15 minute swim, 15 min sprint, and a spin class which typically burns about 800 calories but it’s only an hour and a half in length
-my diet varies…as i am getting older I am trying to eat healthier. I try to eat food that will allow me to have more endurance since I am training for an ironman.

Goals – what are your short, medium, and long-term goals as they relate to fitness? You mentioned that you’d love to compete in the Ironman. What got you interested in that?

since i stopped dancing after i graduated college but still love working out and training; i wanted an ultimate fitness challenge that I know not everybody can say they have completed. So, i did some research and came across the ironman triathlon. I started doing races (running) and found out i was “fast”. I started running march of 2010 and have placed in every race i’ve done. I am very competitive and triathlons/races seems perfect for me.

Do you feel like you’re in better shape now than a year ago? If so or if not, what do you attribute this to?

I was once told there are two types of being “in shape”…there is of course being physically fit according to your age/height/weight…and then there is trained fit…such as being fit according to the sport you are doing. I may claim to be fit for running and swimming….but I am not in shape for sports like soccer and basketball or even dance since I haven’t done it in awhile. However, I know it won’t take me that long to get into shape if i wish to place those sport….that being said, if i had to say if i was in better shape now or before, i think i would have to say i am in better shape now because since one of my minors was health and i’m constantly wanting to learn ways to eat healthier and the right foods to eat for the type of sport im pursing….I think I am more knowledgeable now compared to when I was younger.

What gives you a mental edge? That little bit of extra oomph to get past the hard days or the sticking points? What motivates you?

once i say i am going to do something, i do it and wont stop until i achieve it. For the days I struggle, i just keep pushing because completing a full iron is something i REALLY want to do.

Who do you look up to? Who inspires you? Are there any famous athletes or fitness figures you would love to meet?

I look up to my cousin who is a fitness model. The amount of training and DIETING she has to do keeps me motivated because i know how hard she works…all fitness models to be are an inspiration because of the constant restricting they have to do.