I don’t think we’ve ever visited the sport of diving before. I’ll mark this one in the swimming category in an attempt to keep clutter at a minimum (hmph, too late for that). Diving involves such artistry and grace. Not to mention precision. It’s not unlike gymnastics or ice skating in that it’s scored by judges who are looking carefully at every little nuance of movement and entry into the surface of the water. If you’ve never jumped from some terribly high platform into a body of water, it is an exhilarating experience. Climbing up can be nerve-wracking, but is nothing compared to standing at the top and looking down.

Note how this girl has her tongue stuck out. I’m guessing that means she is concentrating and terribly deep in back room of her mind where she can exert perfect control over her body. She better be careful or she’ll bite it right off!

diver pic

Many of the high platform sports complexes have elevators to whisk the divers up to the starting point. This is sort of a compromise for space as well as efficiency. The stairs necessary to wind up that far in some cases are prohibitively space-consuming, and getting a bunch of divers through a competition when you have to wait for them to climb up can be impossible.

Even with elevators, divers can really get a good workout. Contorting their bodies through those leaps and jumps isn’t a cakewalk, and after they hit the water they have to swim a bit to get to the side, then climb out, and start all over again. Do this for a few hours a day, and you are going to be pretty fit.

Sorry, I’m not sure who the diver is, or I would give a bit of background on her.