Diana Tyuleneva Returns

Apparently we were asked to remove the photos of Diana Tyuleneva we posted several years ago. We don’t want to leave any of her fans hanging – 8 new photos after the jump. Diana specialized in the long jump and sprinting when she was growing up, which gave her a great athletic base upon which she based her fitness modeling efforts. See those legs? Yep, now you know what I mean. Diana has a very sultry, sexy look, and judging by how tight her skin is I suspect she’s never had a cheat day (relative to her strict diet) in her life. Continue reading “Diana Tyuleneva Returns”

Lisa Giesbrecht

Lisa Giesbrecht went to the British Columbia Provincials and won 2nd place in the heavyweight class in the open division while winning the Masters class. She used to be a figure competitor but has crossed over (or is it crossed up?) to bodybuilding. Some of these photos must be a few years old, because she has a lot more muscle now. Lisa Giesbrcht height 5’8″, age 41 years old.

Gina Trochiano

I really love Gina Trochiano’s story. She was very active growing up, participating in cheerleading, gymnastics, and competitive dance. After graduating from college, she started working in Manhattan, where she would literally run to work and home every day. Because she was so fit, it was a natural progression for her to start her own personal training business. She was lifting weights more and more and noticed big changes in her physique. She decided to compete in a Firgure show in 2007 and the game was on. She was only in three shows before she earned her Pro card. This is basically unheard of. Some people have to toil along for what seems like forever, while some add muscle and learn the intricacies of tanning, dieting, posing more quickly. But three shows is fast.

Gina is a great “model” of an IFBB Figure Pro. Just take an attractive woman with great curves, good complexion, pretty face, sprinkle in about 75% more muscle than “usual” and bam you have Gina. Click the link to see photos… I’m sure you’ll agree! Continue reading “Gina Trochiano”

College Track and Field

Some miscellaneous college track and field babes. Central Missouri is included, as well as Western Illinois, NDSU, and Kansas. You have to admire girls who go out there and push it as amateurs, meaning they don’t get paid. Maybe some of them are lucky enough to get financial aid and/or scholarships, but you can bet they are all out there for the love of the sport and the competition.

Ginette Delhaes

Not much info out there on Ginette Delhaes, a blonde beauty. She is 5’5″ tall, hails from Quebec Canada, and trains out of the Monster Gym. She is a Figure Competitor in the NPC and CBBF. Recent contest history:
19th 2010 IFBB California Pro Figure
11th 2010 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure and Bikini
16th 2010 IFBB Europa Show of Champions
2nd 2009 CBBF Canadian Natural Physique Championships
2nd 2009 NPC Arnold Amateur Championships

Some of her 2010 placing may seem low, but remember these ladies are competing in an area where only a fraction of a percent of women ever land. Extremely low body fat, and very fit. Click for Ginette Delhaes pics Continue reading “Ginette Delhaes”

Grace De La Rosa

Grace De La Rosa is a 43 year old Asian Fitness Model who has been in the game awhile. She’s been in Hardbody, Lowrider, and Playboy. She’s always active – running, lifting weights, you name it. Grace was diagnosed with cancer back in 2005 and it was pretty serious for awhile. Shoot, what kind of cancer isn’t serious? She is still entering Figure competitions, but had a recent spate of health problems that are hindering her training. Hang in there Grace!

Jessica Benton

A fitness model based in North Carolina, Jessica Benton is also a national level Fitness and Figure Competitor in the NPC. She stands 5’8″ and weighs about 135 lbs. As a teenager, she ran track, cheered, and took dance lessons. Jessica currently coaches competitive cheerleading.

Irina Kiselev

Irina Kiselev was born in Moscow Russia. She is 5’3″ tall and 123 lbs. As you can see from the photos, she manages to bring a very feminine and almost feline quality to the media with quite a sprinkle of muscle and fitness. Irina currently lives in Colorado, and tends to hang out with Heather Mae French. She has done a number of photo shoots with John Stutz, one of the premier fitness photographers in the business. Irina is a fitness model and figure competitor, but I didn’t find many recent contest results. She did win her class in the 2009 NPC Cyto Charge Colorado State Figure Championships.