FBB Fitness Model – Jen

Here is an introduction to Jen, our newest Fitness Model here at FBB. You may be seeing more of her in an Ironman Triathlon one day. Or would that be Ironwoman? Either way, this girl trains hard and it shows. Click through to the interview to find out more about her.

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Tell us about yourself – the basics. Age, height, weight. Where’d you grow up? Brothers, sisters, married, single?

Height: 5’8
Weight: 125lb
Born in toronto, canada..raised in texas…lived in SC for 7 years
1 brother—> 20 in august

Athletic history – how did you get into your current fitness lifestyle? Were you athletic or active growing up? What organized or individual sports have you played? What are your favorite sports?

I have always been an active person. I played sports as a child and danced all through high school and college. I’ve been working out at the gym since I was 13. I like several sports: basketball, skating, running, swimming, biking, dancing, soccer, football.

Describe your current fitness routine. What kind of activities, exercise, frequency, intensity? What’s your diet like? Do you take any vitamins or supplements? Does this vary day by day, week by week, seasonally?

-weight training, swimming, biking, spinning, running, kickboxing/turbo kick (high intensity)
– i train every day….a “light day” may include ONLY a 3 mile run (typically once a week)….a more heavy training day would be a long run like 12 miles or a short/several workouts such as 15 minute swim, 15 min sprint, and a spin class which typically burns about 800 calories but it’s only an hour and a half in length
-my diet varies…as i am getting older I am trying to eat healthier. I try to eat food that will allow me to have more endurance since I am training for an ironman.

read the rest of our interview with Jen

Lorena Cozza

IFBB Figure Pro Lorena Cozza has been building muscle, kicking butt, and winning contests since she entered the competitive arena 1999. It was there she won the USA World Championships. She was most recently in the 2009 IFBB New York Pro Figure contest. She is all over the fitness industry, working as a gym manager, supplement and equipment spokesperson, personal trainer, fitness model, etc.

Lorena is a big, muscular girl, with jet black hair and an air of athleticism and non-conformity. She has quite a stage presence, which has helped contribute to her many wins over the years. Lorena gives credit for part of her success to her long-time trainer.

Residence Italy
Eyes Green
Height 5’2″
Weight 118 lbs

some photos of Lorena

Flavia Crisos

Flavia Crisos is a Brazilian bodybuilder and figure competitor who has been concentrating more and more on fitness modeling. She is 5’4″ tall and weighs a very muscular 145 lbs. She has a bachelor’s degree in physical education and works as a personal trainer and fitness consultant. As you can tell from her photos, Flavia loves training her legs and glutes. She has been lifting weights for 10 or 12 years now. Long enough to compete in some contests, including:

2001-2003 Brazilian National Contest
2003 NABBA World Championship
2003-2004 NABBA Miss Universe

more hot Flavia

Alicia Leombruni Fitness Model

Alicia Leombruni is a fitness model who also dabbles in Figure Competitions. She is 33 years old and lives in Nevada. She has been competing for about seven years. Her background is actually in bodybuilding. Alicia says she’s single which is way hard to believe. Her stats:

Hair Color: Brown
Shoe size:6
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 115
Bust Size: 36
Height: 5’2
Hips: 35
Dress size: 5

Now don’t write me any death threats, but I do think Alicia’s physique readmore about Alicia

Amber Ryan Lingerie Football League

Okay now, I’m sensitive to the fact we just posted about the Lingerie Football League for the first time in our whole history of 6 years. And now, BAM, we’re rooting around in the LFL again. But I ran across Amber Ryan and I couldn’t resit profiling her. She just *happens* to be in the LFL. Trust me, just a coincidence.

Amber is 23 years old and graduated from college with a degree in psychology and physical fitness. This lady knows how to keep both the mind and the body fit! She was on the Dallas Cowboy’s Desire team this season, so of course she lives in Dallas Texas. Their team practiced four times a week for 3 hours per day! She was sort of a tomboy growing up, playing football, baseball, and basketball. see Amber’s pics

Karri Lucas

Karri Lucas is a fitness model from Las Vegas Nevada. She stands 5’5″ tall and weighs about 112 lbs. With brown hair and glue eyes, Karri’s measurements are a svelte 34-24-32. Karri is 33 years old. She has spent most of her life in and around Vegas, and stays busy raising her son, working part time as a real estate agent, and jetting around the country doing fitness shoots with photographers. about Karri Lucas

Lingerie Football

A profile of Romi Bean an NFL Cheerleader is about as close as we’ve come before to the sport of football. Until today that is. You can always count on FBB to mix it up a little. Just when you thought we were stuck on gym gals! It may be July, but football season is in full swing for some people. Lingerie Football players are the athletes we need!

I know it may sound a little hokey, but one look at these pictures will tell you
a) these girls are athletic (some of them look like they could squish my like a little caterpillar)
b) they are tough enough to throw, catch, block, and tackle
c) they are serious about what they do more lingerie football players

Dorothy Trojanowicz

Dorothy Trojanowicz wants the world to know she ain’t no fitness model! Although she now lives in Chicago, Dorothy did not leave her homeland of Poland until she was 22 years old. She is an NPC bodybuilding competitor who transitioned to Figure and who has no problem demonstrating the value of hard earned muscle. She isn’t big with bulky muscles, but with tiny joints and ripped muscle bodies she won’t be mistaken for a tennis player any time soon.

Dorothy’s stats:
Height: 5′ 5″.
Weight: Contest – 123-125 lbs.; Off-season – 130-132 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Bust: 38″
Waist: 26″
Hips: 35″

She’s very agressive, independent, head strong. This is looking at it from a positive light – she’s also very impatient. She has tons of discipline, especially when it comes to diet and getting in the gym to exercise. She never eats out, and usually trains 6 days a week. This helps her avoid something she truly hates – cardio.

She’s hot – is she single? maybe we’ll find out

Mikaila Soto

Mikaila Soto is a National Level NPC Figure Competitor and a certified personal trainer. She is a post rehab specialist. Mikaila placed 3rd in her class in the Junior Nationals this June. Then this July she placed 2nd in her class at the Team Universe competition. She carries a lot of muscle on her frame. Continue reading “Mikaila Soto”

FBB Fitness Model Jessica – Interview

Our interview with Jessica:

Tell us about yourself – the basics. Age, height, weight, measurements. Where’d you grow up? Brothers, sisters, married, single?

20 years old, 5’4” tall, 105lbs, 32-24-33, I grew up in a small town in North Carolina. I have 2 brothers and a twin and I am single.

Athletic history – how did you get into your current fitness lifestyle? Were you athletic or active growing up? What organized or individual sports have you played? What are your favorite sports? Continue reading “FBB Fitness Model Jessica – Interview”