Ice Skating Babes

We introduced a few ice skating babes in our Winter Olympics post a few months ago. Here we are in the dog days of summer sweating ourselves silly, and the thought of doing a little ice skating seems very appealing! So let’s go ahead and break slightly from tradition to check out 3 of our favorite skaters… Kristi Yamaguchi, Michelle Kwan, and the very retired Katarina Witt.

Various shots of a cute Michelle Kwan…
Michelle Kwan PicMichelle Kwan PicMichelle Kwan Pic

Kristi Yamaguchi:
Kristi Yamaguchi PicKristi Yamaguchi PicKristi Yamaguchi Pic

Katarina Witt at an awards banquet.
Katarina Witt PicKatarina Witt PicKatarina Witt Pic