Mascha Tieken

Mascha Tieken in an incredibly beautiful figure competitor who also works as an IFBB judge, coaches numerous fitness athletes, owns a gym, and writes for Oxygen Magazine. All this in addition to doing a bit of fitness modeling. This lady stays busy! Mascha lives in the Netherlands. She stands 5’5″ tall and weighs about 130 lbs.

I really can’t find a single weak point anywhere on Mascha. A competition is much like a Nascar race, the fastest car doesn’t always win. It takes a confluence of things coming together so that the tan, the diet, the presentation, etc all result in a win. So whether she is winning competitions is independent of me saying – this girl has an amazing body.

She is best known for her balance of muscularity and femininity. She leans more towards the bodybuilder side than the bikini or even the fitness side. Her back and her butt are pretty much world famous!