Dina Al-Sabah Part 2

We probably didn’t do Dina Al-Sabah justice when we devoted but a few sentences to her 3 years ago. Dina was born in 1974 in Lebanon and is fluent in four different languages. This is a byproduct of having lived in Italy, Egypt, and Morocco. She played varsity basketball and volleyball in high school, and was also captain of the track and field team. She started dabbling in weightlifting in college, and realized she had a competitive future.

Dina is unique in many ways – including the fact that she is the first Arab IFBB Figure Pro ever. She did well in both figure and fitness, but because there is so little money to be made in those sports, she turned to fitness modeling. Her exotic looks make her very popular, and she manages to balance femininity and muscularity well.

She was on the cover of IronMan magazine no too long ago, and I recently heard that she will be competing in a new bikini division.