FBB Fitness Model – Tracy

Tracy started out in real estate, but it didn’t take her long to set out on her own as a fitness model. She could be a professional gamer – she claims she can whup just about anybody’s hiney in various video games. She definitely capitalizes on her looks, earning extra cashola balancing beer and swinging wings in everybody’s favorite family restaurant (Hooters). When asked why somebody with legs as hot and perfect as hers has to wear those hideous hose to be a server there, Tracy just laughs it off and says some guys dig it.

Tracy is very down to earth and silly. One minute she’s bouncing around like a gazelle, the next minute she’s puckering her face up into a weird look and telling a joke. She says she watches what she eats, but isn’t terribly strict and lacks the discipline she sees in many fitness models when it comes to regular workouts. Obviously, her body doesn’t give any hint of this, but we can blame some phenomenal genetics. A dedicated Tracy would probably take the competitive fitness industry by storm.