Valerie Ross

Valerie Ross (formerly known as Valerie White) is an Asian fitness model who seems to have a finger in every pie. It’s hard for me to use that saying since 10 or 15 years ago when American Pie came out. The name of the movie, and the scene with the waaaarm apple pie has sort of changed us forever. But I digress. Valerie’s full-time job is working as a medical sales rep in Edmonton in Canada. As you can tell, she spends more than a little time honing her physique, and she knows a thing or two about building muscle and burning fat. When she gets the urge or the opportunity, she does fitness modeling. And she also plays a lot of poker and writes articles for various websites talking about how to go about developing either a) your physique, or b) your poker talent.

Valerie has a very exotic look, and was practically born to be a model. I have no stats on her, but she doesn’t appear to be terribly short or terribly muscular.