Marika Johansson

Marika Johansson is a very muscular blonde bodybuilder. She grew up in Sweden with four brothers, so she really had no choice but to be active and athletic. Because her father and her brothers ended up powerlifting in the gym, it wasn’t too long before Marika ended up there too. This was at the tender age of 18. Cory Everson and Lenda Murray were two of her idols growing up. Now keep in mind, these aren’t fitness ladies, they are female bodybuilders who concentrated on mass.

Marika competed for the first time in 1992 and did a respectable 3rd place. Taking some time off for family health issues, she got back into the gym and into bodybuilding competitions and earned her pro card in the IFBB in 2005. She ended up moving to LA, and started her own personal training company.

Marika doesn’t mess around with those big guns, or with her big friends. She counts Gary Strydom, Lenda Murray, and Dorian Yates among her friends.

5’9″ tall
175 lb offseason weight
biceps 17″
thighs 28″
calves 17″
green eyes