Terri Turner

Terri Turner is probably one of the most beautiful IFFBB Figure Pros out there. She has a great physique, but her face and presence mark her as a true, talented standout when it comes to fitness models. Terri was raised in Virginia but now lives in Louisiana. She has a BS in Health Science and an MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

Terry claims she’s never been very athletic or physically talented. She gave up on field hockey and dance in middle school or high school. She describes herself as a chubby teenager. She started doing tons of cardio and eating tiny amounts. She lost weight, but didn’t look too healthy. A trainer at the YMCA convinced her to start eating healthy and lifting weights. The rest is history, and Terri has plenty of it.

Her contest history (and top 5 or top 10 finishes) reads like a very thick book. She competes about four times a year, and always does extremely well. She started in 2006 and is still kicking booty today. Her latest win that I know of was in August of this year where she placed 1st in the Europa Supershow in Dallas. If you haven’t seen her or heard about her, you haven’t been looking. She’s been on the cover of Flex magazine, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Oxygen, Iron Man, NPC News. At this rate, the girl may fly in Santa’s sleigh this Christmas to help deliver presents!