FBB Fitness Model – Nicole

Well it is immensely disappointing to see such a hot babe in such a terrible jersey. Who the heck could pull for the Minnesota Vikings? I guess this is forgivable, maybe Nicole has a long-lost Uncle who played for the Vikings 27 years ago. Or maybe on the way to the photoshoot a waitress spilled something on her *real* jersey, and she had to go to the backup which is normally used to dust the dash on her car? But the Culpepper thing is just intolerable. Talk about a disappointment. I don’t know anything about his salary, but Culpepper has to be the most overpaid NFL player ever. He only completed about 2 games in his whole career before he was sidelined with injuries and recovery from surgery. And let’s use the term “completed” loosely, since he was mainly known for dropping the ball and throwing interceptions. more Nicole