Susie Kellner

Susie Kellner (aka Zsuzsa Kellner) is a fitness competitor and fitness model from Hungary. She stays pretty active in the internet world, doing tons of guest posing and fitness events. She has a very lean-looking physique, and obviously takes a very disciplined approach to training and diet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in “off-season” condition. more Susie Kellner

Nathalia Melo

Nathalia Melo is the smoking hot Latin babe who is tearing up the fitness model world these days. She is from Brazil and started out in the US as an exchange student. She is a bikini competitor as well, and Shannon Dey is her coach. The IFBB wouldn’t let her compete because of a citizenship problem, but instead of playing the victim, Nathalia petitioned them to let her in as an International Athlete and multi-cultural influence. More power to her!

Nathalia has tons of personality and it always seems to come through in her stage presence, interviews, and photo/video shoots.

She has a very tight physique, with great definition and strong abs. She is more Nathalia Melo

Kira Rivera

Kira Rivera is an IFBB Bikini Pro from Panama. She has been competing in about 3 shows per year for awhile now.

2010 New York Pro Bikini Open 16 place
2010 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini 10 place
2010 Europa Show of Champions more Kira Rivera

Danyell Leavitt

No matter how hard you try, Danyell Leavitt can easily overcome any goofy “Leavit” to Beaver comments you can come up with. Danyell (aka Danny Johnson) has an incredibly beautiful body. Like many of the stories we hear at FBB, she grew up as a very active kid, and continued that trend. She really didn’t start lifting weights and getting into fitness until she was in college. This is also when she really started studying and learning about nutrition. Danyell says that most people far underestimate the importance nutrition has on what your body looks like. We could always discount what she says by assuming she looks so fabulous because of genetics, but this gal practices what she preaches and she realaly seems to reap the rewards. more Danyell Leavitt