Shelly Cannon

Shelly Cannon is a fitness model and bikini competitor from Florida. She is 5’3″ tall, weighs about 115 lbs, and measures 35B-25-35. Those aren’t really blue eyes, more like turquoise. Throw in a dash of golden blonde hair and gleaming white teeth and you have a stunning babe. Her level of muscularity seems to vary. It’s hard to determine if some of these photos were taken much earlier, but as you can see in some she appears to be a hardcore fitness advocate.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I’m very flattered.

    The leapard and black bikini were older pics. The most recent are the turquiose bikini (taken in November). I’ll have more shots in the next few days from a shoot last weekend.

    If you wanna come by my Facebook and say hi, it’s

    Or for more pics, my web site is

    Thanks again!

  2. good lord – just realized I typoed ‘leopard’ and ‘turquoise’. Love to perpetuate the dumb blonde image – LOL.

  3. Well we won’t hold the spelling against you. Thanks for stopping by and shoot us an email with updates on your activities!

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