Taylor Methany

We are all huge suckers for blonde haired, blue eyed babes with perfect bodies. Taylor Methany sort of reinforces this genetic trait because she fits the bill without exceptions. Taylor is a national bikini competitor. She is also a popular fitness model, knocking it out of the park on bikini shoots, lingerie shoots, pretty much any time a camera is pointed at her.

She has well-defined arms and delts, and her legs have great symmetry and size with just the right amount of definition. Her abs get lots of attention and there is a reason for that. Fitness models and competitors who have great abs all seem to have gone through the “ab cycle.” Usually they at some point spent 2 hours a day on their abs doing every type of core exercise, crunch, and ab blaster you’ve ever heard about. And then they become enlightened so to speak and move to one of the better known ab programs and see results that speak for themselves.

Taylor is a beauty who could model (and probably does) commercially selling clothing, makeup, and even magazine subscriptions, so to see her rocking the fitness world is very endearing.