2011 NPC Excalibur Championships

The 2011 NPC Excalibur Championships, held in Culver City California on Dec 2, was a gigantic competition. Between the men and the women, over 300 hopefuls gathered to throw down some poses for the fans and the photogs.

Of particular interest was the Class A Bikini Competition, or more importantly, who ended up winning it. In her first contest, former (current?) glamour model Denise Milani took the crown. Shredded skin and some muscular displays were evident, apparently this lady has been on a strict diet for awhile now.

The competitors:
Marianne Abijay
Heidi Biggs
Lydia Bui
Taralin Eisenhard
Melissa Ferguson
Tiffany Gaughan
Lulu Gilmore
Denise Milani
Carlisa Sessoms
Grishma Trivedi
Valerie Valencia
Girlie Viray

Compared to many of the national competitions, I’d say the talent was a solid B, maybe a B+. Compared to Southern California (hey, fitness is a way of life in Socal), it’s more like a C. Part of it is just the time of year. Whether male or female, many fitness athletes find it hard to train and diet in the Winter, especially in the no-man’s-land between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, we can catch up with a few of the other ladies and provide profiles and photos for inquiring minds!