Jackie Gayda

Jackie Gayda (aka Jacquelyn Gayda-Haas) was one of the WWE wrestling babes. She is 30 years old, and has retired several times, but has wrestled as late as February of this year. Jackie is married, and she and her husband have two girls and a boy. She was featured on the wrestling show because she won a contest called Tough Enough, where she endured some pretty rigorous training, avoided significant injury (other than a pesky ACL tear), and apparently loved it.

She’s still very active an very athletic, in fact she competed in July in the 2011 NPC Branch Warren Classic. She grew up in Ohio as the oldest of four, and played softball, basketball, was into cheerleading and swimming. Jackie’s favorite was always running. That led her into cross-country and track and field at the University of Toledo. The fact that she competed at the Division 1 collegiate level is a testament to her athletic ability and dedication. It was about that time, while she was in college, that she started lifting weights and developing an interest in the fitness world.

She’s been doing quite a bit of fitness modelling, showing up on fitness calendars, workout videos, fitness magazines, etc. Jackie says she drinks an entire gallon of water every day, which means she must visit every bathroom she ever walks by!