Noora Kuusivuori

Originally from Finland, 31 year old Noora Kuusivuori is now residing in Colorado. Growing up, she played baseball and was a swimmer. She was talented, ending up at the world championship level. She was also involved in volleyball, track and field, and jazz danzing. She started weight training at the age of 14 as a part of a program to improve her athletic performance.

Noora won the tall class at the 2010 Colorado State Figure Championships. She says she loves training, and her favorite body part is her glutes. Several guys would agree with her I’m sure. She is 5’10” tall and weighs around 145 lbs. She’s no waif, this gal is strong. She’s been known to pound out 5 reps with 85 lbs when doing biceps curls. She once amazed other swimmers by doing several sets of 10 reps for 225 lb squats.

In 2011, Noora placed 9th at the Arnold Amateur, 10th at the USA Bodybuilding Figure and Physique Championships, and 14th in the IFBB North American competition. Noora says she has to be careful lifting weights because she puts mass on easily, and finds in no time flat she is too muscular to be happy competing in figure. Her blonde hair and light eyes make here an easy, European-looking standout in the figure lineup.