Brooke Evers

If you tend to attribute an extra dose of exoticism (if that’s a word), sophistication, and plain old cool-factor to European blondes, Brooke Evers is probably going to float your boat. She is a Dutch beauty queen who was born in Australia. She is pretty much everywhere – posing on the cover of many magazines, working with various companies as a brand ambassador, presenting stories as a journalist, and even working as a television and radio personality. Here lately, she has been digging into the music scene as a fairly sought-after DJ. How she finds time to stay in the gym and stay fit is a testament to her inventiveness. She says she does cardio basically every day, and hits the weights at least three times per week. As a lady who says abs are her favorite bodypart, she keeps a fairly strict diet. She always tries to workout at her hotel when she is on the road, and says she loves jumping rope. Seeing this blonde beauty huffing and puffing and jumping up and down to a fancy cadence is probably enough to stop the heart of most onlookers.

Brooke is 27 years old. She stands 5’6″ tall, and weighs about 126 lbs. Hazel eyes compliment that exquisite blonde hair, and she measures 34DD-32-36. Zooweekly was her big breakout, but since then Brooke was wowing fans with her degree in journalism.

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brooke evers Picbrooke evers Pic