Nicole Moneer Guerrero

Nicole Moneer Guerrero is no flash in the pan. She’s been out there pumping up the fitness model industry for years. She is 39 years old now, and looks as good as many of the 20-somethings she is competing with for magazine covers. She has been on the front of Musclemag, Oxygen, Flex, Fitness RX, etc. She focused mainly on the modeling gigs for awhile, and didn’t actually earn her IFBB Pro card until 2010.

She is a certified trainer, and also holds a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising from Iowa State University. Nicole lives in the Chicago area, and was on the cheerleading squad of the Chicago Bulls back in the 1993-1994 timeframe when they were the hottest ticket around. It’s not unusual for her to be seen or heard on Chicago-area television or radio shows.

Nicole is a beauty, and it’s easy to see why she does well in the fitness modeling category.

Nicole Moneer Guerrero PicNicole Moneer Guerrero PicNicole Moneer Guerrero PicNicole Moneer Guerrero Pic

She reminds me a bit of Jennifer Nicole Lee because she seems to be so ambitious and popular.