Amy Wright

Some fitness gals look sort of drawn or gaunt when they diet down for a contest. But that never seems to be the case for Amy Wright. When she drops those (very) few extra pounds of bodyfat her body looks very natural and healthy. Maybe that’s why she is having so much success as an IFBB Bikini Pro.

Amy is twenty-six years old, stands 5’2″ tall, and weighs about 121 lbs. She is from Perth Australia, and yes she does have that awesome, sexy Australian accent! Although she had never lifted weights before, she wondered what she would look like if she trained hard and dieted like she took it seriously. She did that for twelve weeks, and started winning contests.

She has been known to do plyometrics, and says doing fasted cardio first thing in the morning helps her strip bodyfat. Her abs and her back show off much of the hard work and genetic gifts she’s been given. She’s dabbled in HIIT, but says steady-state cardio is really what she loves, especially as it allows her some “me” time. Amy’s dark hair and skin, and her petite frame seem to make her a natural for strutting her stuff in a bikini up on stage.

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