Sasha Brown

Although we discussed her back in 2010, Sasha Brown has been on our minds again lately. This is probably because she did so well in the IFBB Tournament of Champions this year (taking fourth place). After moving to the US in 2005 to focus on her career in fitness modeling and personal training, she found her tomboy upbringing gave her an edge in figure competitions. Maybe it was the well-rounded athletic background, but her stunning and exotic looks don’t hurt either. She got started in fitness when she saw pictures of Monica Brant in a magazine, and was inspired to be better than the average lady. For whatever reason (and there’s certainly no excuse for it), Sash grew up continually being told and feeling like she was not good enough. It has been a journey of self-confidence and self-empowerment that has landed her where she is today. And that journey, on its own, is inspiring to many other women all over the world. It has been a challenge for Sasha to get her friends and family to understand the sacrifices she makes for her sport, but the choices she’s made are liberating and have led to success beyond her wildest dreams.

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