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Andrea Smith

As one of the top Hot and Fit 100 in Canada (per Inside Fitness Magazine in 2009), Andrea Smith probably deserves one of our profile posts here. She competes in the WBFF in the bikini and fitness division. She is a student at the University of Manitoba. Andrea was a swimmer growing up, but got […]

Dina Al-Sabah Part 2

We probably didn’t do Dina Al-Sabah justice when we devoted but a few sentences to her 3 years ago. Dina was born in 1974 in Lebanon and is fluent in four different languages. This is a byproduct of having lived in Italy, Egypt, and Morocco. She played varsity basketball and volleyball in high school, and […]

Claire Rae

Claire Rae’s first contest was a fitness competition hosted by the Manitoba Bodybuilder’s Association in 2003. Claire is a personal trainer, and she loves pretty much all forms of dance (hiphop, jazz, even pole dancing). She stresses to her customers an individualized training an nutritional regimen tailored to their body and metabolism. Eventually, Claire would […]

Gina Aliotti

Where to start with Ms. Gina Aliotti? Gina is a 26 year old fitness model and competitor who currently lives in San Diego California. She won her Pro card back in 2005. As a youngster, she played softball and field hockey, and competed in dance. As a college student, she began lifting weights and practicing […]

Michele Bigler

Michele Bigler is a 43 year old mother of three. She was raised in Southern California. Michele says she eats lots of fish and trains like a track and field athlete. She has a BS in dental hygiene, so when she flashes those pearl whites you know they sparkle. She has tons of muscle, and […]

Julie Palmer

Julie Palmer is 5’5″ tall and competes at 124 lbs. She won 2nd place in the 2010 Arnold Fitness International Contest. I am pretty sure she placed 2nd at last year’s show too. Her fitness routines are phenomenal – she is very athletic. She works as both a registered nurse and a personal trainer near […]

Nicole Wilkins

Nicole Wilkins is the all-star living embodiment of the cheerleader next door. Well, she may be about 10x hotter than the average cheerleader next door, but you know what I mean. Her brown eyes and blonde hair make you think “cutie-pie” while her rock hard physique make you think “mercy.” Nicole started out as a […]

Natalia Muntean

Natalia Muntean moved to the United States from the Ukraine in 2002. She currently resides in Florida. She has a degree in international business and foreign languages. She started doing fitness competitions and fitness modeling in 2008. She has won a number of bikini contests, and caught my attention as the cover girl for Oxygen […]

Nicole Costa

Nicole Costa was just recently on the cover of Oxygen Magazine. This is sort of a big deal, one of the ultimate achievements for a fitness model. Nicole has always been athletic, and was a cheerleading captain for five years. When she won her first fitness competition in Boston, she became one of the youngest […]

Jen Hendershott Wins

Jen Hendershott (aka Jenny) is known for being quite the winner. She won the Ms. Fitness International in 2005 and 2009, and she also won the Ms Olympia Fitness in 2005 and 2009. Have I mentioned that the Ms Fitness International and the Ms Fitness Olympia are two of the most prestigious fitness competitions in […]