Cindy Landolt

Cindy Landolt (real name: Cinderella Landolt) has some of the best abs in the business. Thick, but not unfeminine, vascular, shapely. She spent eleven years training as a gymnast, which have her a very solid foundation for fitness and strength. She got started in weight training because she started squatting, just out of curiosity. She immediately saw changes in the way her legs looked, and she was hooked. Her shoulders and arms are well-developed, her legs are chiseled, it’s really hard to find a weak bodypart on this gal.

Cindy says she is a certified Nordic Walking Instructor. This is where you walk with poles and you take no prisoners. She is also a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and rehabilitation coach. She obviously does quite a bit of fitness modelling too. Cindy is 26 years old, and lives in Switzerland. She stands 5’10” tall, and weighs in about 163 lbs.

Cindy also claims to be a very positive thinker. This seems to be a common theme among successful athletes (or successful people in general). Not achieving all of her goals in the sport of gymnastics didn’t really deter Cindy from moving on and succeeding in other areas of her life. She says happiness is often about striking the right balance between work, play, fun, and achievement.

She has been doing a bunch of personal training over the last 15 years, and has her own website to drive that business. She claims to publish a newsletter to over 60,000 people helping them with training and nutrition.

Cindy Landolt PicCindy Landolt PicCindy Landolt Pic
Cindy Landolt PicCindy Landolt PicCindy Landolt Pic
Cindy Landolt PicCindy Landolt PicCindy Landolt Pic

Some pretty hot behind-the-scenes footage of Cindy Landolt in various stages of undress… (ignore the guy at the beginning jibber-jabbering in German):
(video deleted)

I thought I should add a link to Cindy’s instagram account, and mention the fact that she has 629k followers:
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I fixed the video link, so we can all enjoy that again!

Here’s a recent picture of Cindy in an outrageous bit of lingerie with her nipples almost showing…

Here’s a photo of Cindy with a unique perspective. We are staring up at her cute little crotch!

Also, her IG followers are now up to 767k.