Mikaila Soto

Mikaila Soto is a National Level NPC Figure Competitor and a certified personal trainer. She is a post rehab specialist. Mikaila placed 3rd in her class in the Junior Nationals this June. Then this July she placed 2nd in her class at the Team Universe competition. She carries a lot of muscle on her frame. Very muscular thighs and obliques.

Update August 4th, 2010
Mikaila was nice enough to contact us and update/correct some of the published information. In July 2010, she accomplished the phenomenal goal of winning her IFBB Pro Figure card at the Team Universe Figure show in New Jersey. Mikaila’s website is Soto CPT, and has tons of info on her and her Fitness business located in Illinois. Given her vision of changing the pattern of unhealthy eating and inactivity for future generations of her family and society as a whole, it looks like she’s well on her way towards her goal of setting an excellent example!